Hakka Labs Case Study

Hakka Labs Case Study

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October 07, 2020

I: Introduction

Social media marketing is the process of promoting or selling online services or products via social media. Social media are used by companies to advertise their products, build brand image, market research, customer relationship management and generating sales leads. The main goal of social media marketing is to increase the number of people who know about the business. It also helps companies increase brand loyalty, improve customer service, create a strong community and make more sales. The Internet provides a low-cost platform for launching a wide variety of social media marketing campaigns. Using free tools, you can make your own website, blog, or Facebook page. You can also learn how to use social networking sites such as Twitter, Pinterest, Goodreads, Tumblr, Reddit, StumbleUpon, Digg, Linkedin, YouTube and others to market your products.

Social media marketing has become an important part of any marketing campaign, whether it is for a small business or a large corporation. It allows companies to reach customers directly. The marketing strategies have changed the way customers have been able to communicate over recent years. Businesses need to adapt to ensure they are reaching customers in the right way. Advantages of using social media include building relationships with customers will help develop a loyal following. Customers that follow your company on social media are more likely to purchase your product or service. Social media helps businesses save money; it’s easy to set up and maintain profiles on social media sites. Companies can create their own content and publish it on the internet at little cost. There are over 4 billion people using social networking sites; therefore, companies can reach a large number of customers easily.

Companies should make sure their social media marketing campaigns are not too similar to other campaigns. Social media marketing is very effective if done right; however, it takes time and effort. It is important to understand what customers like and dislike, then share that information through various social network platforms. Companies that do not offer any personal service may find it difficult to attract new customers or keep existing customers loyal. Social media marketing offers many opportunities for companies to connect with customers and develop stronger relationships with them. Online reviews are very important for marketing strategy; therefore, businesses should challenge fake reviews and work towards getting positive reviews from satisfied customers.

II: Body

Social Media Marketing can be divided into two approaches: word of mouth marketing (WOMM) and social media marketing (SMM). WOMM includes traditional ways of marketing where people talk about brands with other people in person or via phone calls or letters. SMM includes newer ways of marketing where people talk about brands with other people through social networking sites, blogs, or microblogging sites like Twitter. Both WOMM and SMM can be used together to increase the effectiveness of each individual approach.

Social Networking Sites allow users to create personal profiles, connect with friends and family members, join groups interested in similar topics, subscribe to news feeds from other sites, post comments on other user’s profiles, share pictures and videos, play games, embed videos from other websites, update statuses about themselves and read updates from other users. Social networks are powerful tools for connecting with friends and family members worldwide. They also allow users to learn about different events in different areas worldwide. However, some sites are more public than others; users should take into consideration the type of site they are using when deciding how much personal information they want to share with others online.

Blogs are websites containing regularly updated written material in which the author shares his/her thoughts with readers. They are used for various purposes by individuals and businesses alike including promotion of one’s self or business, news reporting, exchanging ideas or information with others online, or simply sharing opinions with others. A blog allows the author of the site to share his/her knowledge and expertise on a topic with others. Blogging is a great way for businesses to promote themselves via word of mouth; it allows them to connect with their customers and potential customers online. Businesses can use blogging as a way to introduce themselves to new clients and as a way to teach current and future clients about the business’ products or services.

Microblogging sites like Twitter allow users to post short messages – called tweets – for others to read and respond to online. These messages can be posted on user profiles at any time during the day; they can also be posted as replies to other tweets so that everyone who follows the tweeter sees the message as well as those who follow the person replied to. These messages can be made private so only those who follow you will see them; however most tweets are public so anyone can see them on Twitter even if they don’t follow that person. Tweets usually contain short messages about what someone is doing at that moment or something they may find interesting that they want others to know about as well. People use Twitter as another way of communicating with family and friends online; some people use it as a way to inform others about their daily activities such as what they ate for breakfast or what movie they went to see last night. Businesses can use Twitter as a way to communicate with potential clients about their products or services; they can also tweet links to articles relevant to their industry or advice on how companies can help others in their industry improve their own businesses.

YouTube is a social networking site where users create channels containing videos on a variety of topics including music videos, funny videos, clips from television shows and movies, documentaries on certain topics etc.. People use YouTube as a way to entertain themselves by watching videos online; they can also share their own videos with others on YouTube by creating their own channel where they can post these videos along with links directing viewers back to their own websites if they choose. In addition to entertaining viewers, videos posted on YouTube have been used as an educational tool by schools worldwide as well as by those working in various industries as a means of relaying information regarding their field of expertise. Businesses can use YouTube as a way of promoting their products or services by posting videos explaining how their product may be used by consumers along with links directing viewers back to their website if they choose. They can also use YouTube as a way to inform consumers about changes they have made in regards to their product or service offering along with links directing viewers back to their website if they choose.

SlideShare allows users to upload PowerPoint presentations along with other documents online so that others can view these presentations without having Microsoft PowerPoint installed on their computers or mobile devices. SlideShare allows users to connect with others via email or comments on slideshows uploaded by other users; this allows users to get feedback on their presentations from others. SlideShare has been used by businesses worldwide as a means of sharing information regarding their products or services with current customers or potential customers; it has also been used by educators worldwide for sharing course notes or presentations related to specific classes with other students enrolled in the same class. It is important for companies using SlideShare for marketing purposes to ensure that all uploaded presentations contain links directing viewers back to their website if they choose; this ensures that viewers interested in learning more about the company’s products or services can easily find this information online rather than having all information contained within the presentation itself which may cause viewers to forget the website address when trying to find more information later on.

Online forums are websites containing threads containing discussions between participants regarding specific topics; they are designed so that discussions regarding these topics occur between participants rather than between individual contributors unlike blogs or social networking sites where discussions typically occur between authors of different posts rather than between participants in discussion threads within blog posts or participants in conversations occurring within social networking sites respectively. People use forums as a way of communicating with others globally about specific topics of interest including hobbies, religious beliefs etc.. Businesses use forums for promoting their products or services through word of mouth because forums allow them access potential clients worldwide based on shared interests in common rather than geographic location alone; however forums have gained popularity among consumers over recent years due to problems associated with spamming so businesses should try avoiding using forum posting software designed for SEO purposes in order not overwhelm forum participants with irrelevant content unrelated to the subject matter being discussed in existing threads within these forums in order not alienate forum participants who may not appreciate receiving unsolicited advertisements via online forums that were originally created specifically for communication between individuals interested in specific topics rather than commercial transactions taking place within these forums resulting in complaints being lodged by forum participants against businesses posting unsolicited material in these forums resulting in negative feedback posted online regarding these businesses based on experiences encountered within these forums resulting in negative search engine result placement for these businesses when key words relating to these businesses are typed into search engines when using phrases such as “bad experience” “poor quality” “unreliable” “fraudulent” “con artists” “sc

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