Evergreen vs current topics

Evergreen vs current topics

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October 07, 2020

I: Introduction

II: Body

III: Conclusion

"Social media marketing strategy"

The internet has been a vital part of our lives since its advent. It is now a part of our daily routine. The revolution that the internet has brought to us is unprecedented. It offers a huge opportunity for businesses and individuals alike. The use of social media as a marketing tool is a recent phenomenon.

The evolution of social media started with the introduction of blogging in 1998 by Jorn Barger. He was joined by others like Dave Winer, the creator of RSS, and Meg Hourihan who created FeedBurner. Blogging was followed by wikis and micro-blogs like Twitter. These tools gave rise to social networking sites like Myspace, Facebook, Google Plus, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest and Tumblr. Social network sites are platforms where people can connect with each other and share content.

Even though social media marketing has led to many positive things, it also has several negative aspects. The negative aspects will be discussed later in the article.

I: Introduction (2 Paragraphs)
Social media marketing (SMM) is the process of gaining traffic or attention through social media sites. SMM is an integrated marketing communications approach used by businesses to promote their products and services through social media channels to consumers. A social media site consists of various components like profile pages, groups, messages, news feeds, communities, photos, videos etc. As per the 2016 statistics, there are 2.46 billion monthly active users on Facebook, 1 billion monthly active users on Instagram and 1 billion monthly active users on WhatsApp. All these figures are increasing day by day. Social media marketing is not just limited to using these platforms but involves using other methods as well as social media to promote business products. An example is the launch of the product 'Envy' by Apple which was promoted via Twitter by Ashton Kutcher with a total advertising cost of $20 million. This shows that social media marketing has only become more important in recent times.

II: Body (3 Paragraphs)
Social media marketing is a very important part of digital marketing which encompasses all internet based marketing activities. SMM helps generate brand awareness and increase the number of customers by creating a positive image about your company's products and services. It helps in enhancing customer service by listening to their opinions and resolving their queries. It allows you to engage with your customers directly without any mediators. This increases their trust in your company which leads them to buy your products or recommend it to their friends and family members.

There are many advantages of SMM but it also has several disadvantages. Below are some of the disadvantages of SMM:

III: Conclusion (1 Paragraph)
Despite all these disadvantages SMM still stands as the most effective way for businesses to reach out to customers since it provides an interactive platform where customers can ask questions, make suggestions and give feedback regarding the products and services offered by the brand. SMM is not just limited to personal branding but also helps enhance business branding by building a positive image about the company's products and services.

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