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May 12, 2020

Video Transcription: Now let's talk about what is going to make your book rank higher on Amazon say these are the ranking factors this video is brought to you by Appy Pie Academy and this is part three of the entire SEO process just to remind you part one is the keyword research part two is using those keywords in your listing in your title and your subtitle in your keywords field and then what's going to happen is on day one your book is gonna be the last search result or among the last search results for the keywords you've chosen and targeted in parts one and two and so now you need to do things that will make your book rank higher so, for example, let's say you're on page ten you're gonna need to get to page nine-page eight-page seven eventually on page one and then eventually higher and higher on page one until you're number one so what's gonna do that for you let's discuss what exactly will make your book rank higher and again you'll notice it's not the abundance of strategies it's not many many things you'll notice that it's relatively few things but you have to execute it extremely well first are getting verified reviews from customers I want to show you what that means you see we are here on my book and I'm gonna Click on customer reviews and I'll just basically go tap reviews and most recent and what you'll see is this one just a five-star one star at one store whatever but here you have this verified purchase sticker these are the important ones and these come from people who actually bought the book and these verified purchases in my own work of ranking my books and the books of my clients and either even non-book products of my clients the verified purchase has really helped you jump in the rankings so that's really important coming back to our checklist of things to make you rank higher in SERP click-through rate and intent match let me show you what that is SERP stands for search engine result page so when people search you on Amazon let me show you here I Search for the word business in Amazon and what's going to happen is I get search results the first two are ads we're gonna skip that and here I get the organic results and what's important is that your book when it's listed in the line of books gets a high click-through rate among other books let's say for the example that this billion-dollar whale really is attractive and the title really attracts me and cover really attracts me and obviously they have this nice bestseller badge so super attractive I want to click it as a consumer and so I this book gets a high click-through rate to let's say for example right so if Amazon sees that a lot of people are having a disproportionately high the click-through rate on one book over others then they're gonna start ranking that book higher because it's obviously a match for this search and its per search so if I search for cooking obviously different books will be a match for that and if I even search business strategy different books will be a match for that search so it's per search keyword but you see some you'll have only very few specific keywords that are the most important to you so for those you want to make sure that people really click on you so the things that will make your listing have a higher click-through rate are a very attractive book cover that pops out and a very attractive title obviously the number and the overall quality score of the reviews because you see there are very few factors that a person has to decide as a consumer and obviously this bestseller so a lot of these things will make you have a higher click-through rate and that's your job is to make a more attractive book cover more attractive title more reviews we talked about all these things in this course but just keep that in mind because of all these things contribute to the search results page and guess what the next item in the importance of ranking is once I click on the book, for example, I'll click on that one the sales conversion rate now Amazon doesn't tell us how well people convert but again an attractive title good reviews a well-written description and then good editorial reviews if you're ranking well on the categories you see all these things give you social proof recently Amazon he gave the ability to upload videos you can do that nice author biography also helps so all these things help to increase the sales conversion rate and if we come back to our checklist sales conversion and the total sale amount so it's a total number of sales total number of transaction and the total number of dollars sold because obviously Amazon takes a percentage of your total sales so the more you sell the more you convert the better for them because they make more money for them it becomes a no-brainer to promote you now another ranking factor that is unconfirmed by me but many book authors mention this issue is that backlinks and traffic also help you rank higher backlinks is basically maybe you have a blog maybe your friend has a blog maybe they write a blog post and from that blog post they linked to your listing on Amazon that's a backlink and that is unconfirmed by me but people say that that also helps you rank a little bit on Amazon and also pure traffic so let's say getting a lot of traffic maybe you're driving traffic from social media or wherever then people say that just extra traffic does help you rank a little higher although I think even if it does it's a minor result the major issues I would look at getting verified they are getting verified reviews having a very high click-through in the search results page and having a high sales conversion rates those are fantastically important and very importantly the book quality and its reader engagement are very important I remember what people download your book on the Kindle Amazon can tell how many pages they are reading and if they are reading fewer pages on average than competitive books or going through a smaller percentage of the book then your competitors that's a problem and you'll ask me well what's the average and the truth is that Amazon doesn't publish these numbers and your app that shouldn't be your question anyway because why would you want to beat the average if you beat the average you have failed because really what you have to do is make sure that your book readership isn't a 90 to 95 percentile of all the books and that only means one thing you can never stop improving the quality of your book at the end of the day, that should be your biggest focus at the end of the day that's gonna get you to win because there's only so much you can push a heavy rock up a hill and heavy rock is a poor book I know there's a tendency for authors to think my book is great I put my heart into it I know I've done the same I've thought the same but the truth is you can always improve your book and that's the truth one of the real keys to actually ranking long-term so if you're doing all the things above and you're not ranking it can be one of two things you think you're doing enough of the things above but you're not or the book quality is something there that's not engaging people maybe the book is good but maybe there's some issue take a look at your book again reread it have it Reddit it something might be there in the quality that's really making all your other marketing fall short but at the end of the day this is it doesn't look elsewhere these are the ranking factor and by the way, these are also very strongly related to getting you recommended so the two algorithms you really want to influence recommendation algorithm in the Google and the Amazon search algorithm this is it this is truly it's about the execution of these algorithms.   

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