What Is Reddit Gold? How It Works and How to Give It Away

When is RedditGold useful

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November 27, 2020

I: Introduction

I am going to be talking about the ways in which Reddit can be a very effective digital marketing tool for a business. I am going to outline how it is possible for a company to gain a lot of traffic from the site if they have a well thought out strategy for doing so. I have been using Reddit for quite some time now and I have been able to learn a lot from it.

A: Reddit digital marketing get traffic sell product

As a business owner I am always on the lookout for new and unique ways in which I can market my products. On one of my daily visits to the site I came across a couple of people who were selling their own products in exchange for Reddit Gold. It is a form of micro-transaction that they use in order to reward users for creating or providing content in subreddits. I was intrigued by this because it seemed like it would be a good way to get an audience for your product. I decided to try it out myself.

II: Body

When is redditgold useful

In my case, I was using Reddit in order to promote my online dating guide. In order to put things into context, I want to talk about the different Reddit groups that exist. There are over 8,000 subreddits that exist at the time of writing this article. Some of these subreddits are general interest ones while others are more specific. General interest ones include /r/funny, /r/movies, /r/AskReddit, /r/IAmA, /r/todayilearned, /r/pics and /r/videos. These are all places where you might find someone looking for information. The more specific interest based ones include /r/beer, /r/DIY, /r/Frugal, /r/food, /r/IWantToLearn (for people looking to learn something), /r/Music, /r/techsupport (for tech related questions), /r/television and many others.

When I was looking around the site, I found that there were people who were selling their own products in exchange for Reddit Gold. This is an interesting concept because it allows people to pay for something by giving up something else of value to them. The two individuals who were selling their products were offering information in exchange for Reddit Gold. One was selling his dating guide while the other one was selling his self-help book. Both of these were being sold in the /r/dating subreddit. They each had a message stating that they would send out their product once they received payment for it. Once they received the necessary funds they sent me an email with a link that allowed me to download my product.

Reddit digital marketing get traffic sell product

Both of these projects were well written and reasonably priced so I decided to purchase them both. My results weren’t particularly impressive but I have learned a lot from these two projects. The first thing that I learned is that it can be difficult to sell something on Reddit because so many people are trying to do exactly that. The second thing that I learned was that it is possible to generate some good traffic from the site but you probably won’t make much in terms of actual sales unless you have a really excellent product. The third thing that I learned was that if you are in the right place at the right time you can generate quite a bit of traffic from this site. If you are able to get yourself onto the front page of Reddit then you might be able to get hundreds or even thousands of hits in a single day.

III: Conclusion

As far as digital marketing goes, Reddit has its merits but it also has its demerits as well. It can be used as a way to generate traffic if you play your cards right but you will need some kind of hook or gimmick in order to make that happen. You will also need to be willing to put up with some trolling from those who disagree with your position on any given topic. It can also be a very helpful place to buy and sell products for those who choose to go down that route as well.

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