Reddit Course Introduction

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November 27, 2020

I: Introduction

Reddit is a social media site that is used as a platform for people to post links or photos, which then allows users to vote on the posts (upvote or downvote). There are specific tags associated with different topics, and you can browse those tags to find content about certain topics. Posts receive upvotes and downvotes, and the post with the most upvotes gets placed on the front page where it can be seen by everyone visiting Reddit. Reddit also has a users reputation (karma) system, and users can earn karma by posting links. A user with high karma will have more weight in their opinions than someone with low karma. Karma can be gained by posting links that get upvoted. The most popular Reddit subreddits such as /r/funny and /r/pics contain mainly pictures and videos, but there are also subreddits for text-based posts such as /r/AskReddit and /r/IAmA.

II: Body

Reddit is a great source of traffic for your website or blog. It’s important to understand how Reddit works so you can identify users who will benefit from your product or content. If you create original content or have an interesting product, you can make a post explaining what it is, why it’s interesting, and directing them to your website for more information. The first step is to create an account on Reddit. Once you have an account, you will need to start browsing through subreddits that are relevant to your content or business. You should spend some time reading posts and comments on the subreddit to get a feel for the community.

Once you decide which subreddit you want to use for marketing purposes, create a new post with a catchy title that describes your product or website. Your post must include the following three pieces of information:

A link to your product or website A brief description of why your product or website will benefit the community A picture or video of your product or website discussing it further

An example of an effective Reddit post would be one created by GoPro which was posted on the /r/videos subreddit. This post received over 1200 upvotes and was featured on the front page of Reddit multiple times. The Reddit post was accompanied by a viral video of GoPro cameras being used in extreme situations. The post enticed users to view more videos of action cameras on GoPro’s YouTube channel.

If your product or website is extremely unique, you might want to try out an AMA (ask me anything). An AMA is when you ask Reddit users questions about your product or website. If you want to do an AMA, you should make sure you look at previous AMAs before posting yours to see if there are any major pitfalls that you should avoid. An example of a successful AMA is the one Elon Musk did several years ago where he answered user questions related to SpaceX and Tesla. Some examples of questions he answered were “What do you think about the chances that we are living in base reality?” and “What do you think about the potential dangers of artificial intelligence?”. His answers received thousands of upvotes and were featured on the front page of Reddit multiple times.

III: Conclusion

Reddit is an excellent platform for gaining traffic for your product or website. You can use Reddit to increase awareness about your product or content by posting links, asking questions, or doing AMAs. Be aware that using Reddit can be difficult because if you go into it unprepared, you could risk having your post downvoted into oblivion. However, if you put in the time to become familiar with Reddit culture and format your post accordingly, you will have a chance at getting featured on the front page of Reddit and attracting thousands of views to your product or website.

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