how I made a coaching services sale on Reddit

Case study of how I made a coaching services sale on Reddit

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November 27, 2020

I: Introduction

A: Reddit digital marketing get traffic sell product.

Reddit is a social media that has grown to be the biggest forum on the internet. The users of reddit are an interesting mix of personalities and demographics, but they all have one thing in common, they are very interested in learning about all aspects of life. For this reason, reddit is a great place to find customers, because if your business solves a problem for someone, you are likely to find them on reddit.

II: Body

A: Case study of how i made a coaching services sale on reddit.

There are many examples of people making money through their use of reddit. It is important to note that if you only post one thing on reddit, it may not get picked up by the correct audience. To see your posts succeed on reddit, you need to understand how the platform works. Here is an example of me using reddit to lead customers to my coaching site.

I was browsing around the subreddit r/startups for new opportunities to market my coaching business. I came across a post titled “I am looking for an online marketing guru who can help me with my website”. This seemed like a great opportunity since my business helps people with their online marketing. I replied to this post explaining that I could help them with their website and even offer them advice for their startup. They responded quickly and we set up a time to chat about their project. We had an hour long phone call and after that he was willing to pay for my consulting services.

III: Conclusion

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