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YouTube equipment

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February 27, 2021

Video Transcription: Hi there so if you want to have a youtube show in addition to your podcast this video is brought to you by Appy Pie’s Academy here's what you do the additional equipment that you need are you really want to have good lighting okay and to have good lighting you need kind of like three professional lights so that there's no shadows one from your left one right and one from kind of like proclick in the middle of them so that it gets rid of all shadows and it gives you space there's different visual effects you can make with them here are some of the popular lights these are the kind of lights these but you see these the third ones they're more for like photography not recording audio not video so the square ones the top two are for video and the square one the the little umbrellas they're more for like photography so that's what you need if you and if you have good lighting at home maybe you don't need it depending on what you feel me now you need what what I have in front of me is a green screen I mean what I have behind me it's called windscreen but it can come in any color you can also have that you can also order to have it branded like with your show name or whatever mine is used flat color most green screens are green but you can get it in other colors whatever you like see see how it would work and basically a green screen take a look at this example right here it usually hangs on you see if I point to it you see it hangs on a thing like these poles right those poles usually come independently but all together they're about under $100 the green screen a basic green screen and those the stand for it of course you want to get a camera the important thing in the camera is that it is you know HD and the other important camera at this point they're all HD but you you definitely want to really reduce all the cameras because some of the cheap ones they even though they say they're HD they don't record in really high quality so you wanna like the bottom of the line ones are typically Mandrake actually had a better experience myself with a bottom of the line one but another thing that you really want to make sure that and this is really important when you choose a camera one of the features that this camera should have is that it should have a external mic jack because you need an external microphone if you're gonna record with the camcorder the reason for that is because an external microphone is cheap with something like this it's something that you hang in your lapel you can see but but the reason that you need this is that if you record with you know your camera your camcorder always has a built-in microphone on it you can record it you can record with it but it's gonna give you bad audio because the camera itself makes some noise like very little right it's when it's recording when it's working when it's on it makes a little bit of noise and because the microphone that's on that camera is so close to that camera I mean it's it's a built-in microphone it's gonna pick up on that noise and you're gonna have to always either be stuck with it or spend extra time editing it out in audio editing and you don't want to do that you just want to have a lapel mic it's much better and that's what you want and you also last thing is you want to have a tripod you know a tripod like a camera so that you can always put your camera on this right and it's a few hundred dollars of equipment it depends you know the most important the most expensive thing here is the camcorders they obviously can become expensive if you want to get a really good one but I for four or five hundred dollar one should be just fine the green screen and the end up in the stand for it is maybe under a hundred dollars maybe over fifty under hundred maybe around seventy that's at least what it cost me and everything else is relatively cheap the stand might also be under hundred dollars if you want to get a sturdy one if you want to get a cheap e one you can get like a twenty five dollar one see but I got that one in originally and after not so long it broke so you want to get not the bottom of the line stuff okay so that's if you want to spend money if you want to go on the cheap here's what you do you I use the software called ScreenFlow it's I think it's only for Mac I have a Mac it's $99 and Eve records it uses the built-in microphone to record audio of my built-in microphone of my laptop and it uses the HD camera of my computer to record so it I don't need the camcorder anymore so even though this cost $99 it saves me from the camcorder cost which is a few hundred dollars so this is much cheaper and the quality over the recording is very good this is for Mac I think I don't know what PC so I don't know I think something called Camtasia Studio is for PC I've never used it but I think this is the best thing for PC I just don't know about pcs really because I'm a Mac user but you just get you can just get something try this compasion studio it's I think a lot of people who also record video and then what PC they paid paste quick they love this thing so ok these software packages they're gonna cost see here they're saying completed studios $2.99 but I think you can get it somewhere for like you should be you should get it for $99 or cheaper I've seen that so anyway these software packages $99 they give you some video editing tools inside of them audio editing tools inside of them and you can use the built-in mic from your computer again it's better to have a professional mic right spend an extra hundred dollars kind of thing like that but you can start cheaply so really you can start you can get the video for just an extra hundred dollars if you want to get software like ScreenFlow but if you really want to geek out you can get a camcorder other equipment things like that and spend some money so there you go again there's a way to get it really cheaply and then as your show grows you wanna add you know you want to invest in the quality of the video and the quality of the audio and then you can invest in equipment overtime but if you have the money you know you can also invest in the equipment from the beginning  

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