When to hire a publicity or PR company?

When to hire a publicity or PR company

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February 27, 2021

Video Transcription: Now let's talk about when to hire a publicity agency or a publicist this video is brought to you by Appy Pie’s Academy generally a few things must come first and that is that your business must be stable and growing because it's usually hard to afford such high fees for just one service out of the many services that your business will eventually need so one way to ensure this is hey you should hire a publicity agency as soon as you can reasonably afford it and that essentially means probably not at the beginning if you're like most businesses and one of the things you have to take care of first I've mentioned this throughout the course is direct sales strategies because that will get you the stable revenue that will help you spend money on publicity on secondary strategies in direct sales strategies they tend to just be more effective at grabbing the revenue now also what you need is to have your brand story well-crafted and appealing for example if you just say hey I'm a barber or I'm a cleaning business owner well there's no it's it's not unique and original and there's no coolness factor right but if you have the same thing saying I'm the best barber in the world or I make the number-one crew-cut in the world or whatever like but as long as it's interesting and appealing then you can get publicity much more effectively at a much higher rate even if you have a traditional business that's not so exciting like for example it's one thing to be a plumber it's a very different thing to be I'm a plumber for the stars and so things that help are maybe a best-selling book that you've written about your industry something something that you do in uniquely or some sort of an initiatory that you might have those things really help and one little hack slash trick is that you actually don't necessarily need to get a full-blown publicity agency if you have like some just public one publication in mind for example you want to get published in TechCrunch which is a very popular website to get published if you're a technology company and a placement there might be like if you just pay them directly it might be like two three four thousand dollars but they'll get you in front of the very right Tech audience if that is the right thing for you and you might just be able to contact them directly and say hey I've got I need to place a story and of course the story has to be well-crafted it has to look newsworthy all that but it's often easy to just get that one placement that you need and then that's it you don't then your hands off and you don't do any more of the publicity so that way it's a cheaper it's still expensive but it's cheaper publicity then hiring someone would get you  

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