What is a publicist and how does a publicist work?

What is a publicist and how does a publicist work

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February 27, 2021

Video Transcription: Let's talk about what is a publicity agency or a publicist this video is brought to you by Appy Pie’s Academy and these are people who will go out and they will do work to get publicity on your behalf for your business now they'll do all the work that this class teaches you but they'll do it better and they'll do it full-time so their results will be better than you'll get most likely because they're professionals they have experience and it's their sole focus words you have to run your whole business the only thing is of course they're expensive what they will do is they will leverage existing media relationships maybe with television stations radio and you name it magazines and they will create new relationships that are a good fit for the kind of audience that your business has the problem is that if you want to hire a full-blown agency it's five to ten thousand dollars a month so right away you know right if your own day one you can't afford this most likely at least most people can't and a publicist which is essentially the same thing but maybe an individual working on their own who has maybe experience working for publicity agency and hours on their own you can probably get them for two to five K month which is still for most businesses if you're starting out it's prohibitively expensive so that's a tough thing to do especially since it's likely that your other priorities are direct sales and you have to focus on that so this isn't it this might not even be your number one focus hey but what they'll do is they'll when you hire one of them they'll go and they'll reshuffle your brand message they'll make it appealing and they'll position it exactly to perfectly fit the media opportunities that are maybe television maybe radio some really really big places where you can get promoted so at the end of the day really what you get is a well-connected expert who's already has a lot of incredible relationships or a whole company that has a lot of incredible relationships that may go back years so they work together well and for them it might be easy to get you those media spots where if there was you doing this you're starting from zero so not only you'll will you a well-connected expert doing this for you who's very well experienced but they'll also be able to devote more time to this because you just don't have the time that they'll be able to devote to it so they will get you better results but it's expensive  

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