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Your promotional asset

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February 27, 2021

Video Transcription: One thing that makes a really big difference in success versus failure of your pitching to these hosts of shows is what's called your promoted asset or your linkable asset this video is brought to you by Appy Pie’s Academy what are these things basically you know it's any kind of like things you're promoting your app maybe your business your product your YouTube video whatever it is for example you have a beautiful amazing website that you know has a lot of success it's easier than if you have like a really poorly made website right the poorly made website makes you look very professional whatever right same with your product if it's like a some kind of an amazing product it would be easier if the product is you know half-baked or if it's you know kind of like maybe your first product it's not great very you know kind of it doesn't get a lot of good response from the customers doesn't have good reviews okay that's gonna get a lot less interest right so before you pitch because you're gonna ruin your pictures if your linkable asset or promotional asset isn't perfect before you pitch really really polish your links that you will send along with your pitches right that's gonna really help you know because if you don't have a good promotional asset or linkable asset he's just gonna destroy all that effort that you're gonna be putting into it and you're not gonna be getting the results that you want which is bad obviously so really I want to really caution you to focus on when you send links especially if your LinkedIn profile or your Twitter make sure it's all up to par and it all makes you appear professional interesting interest like people get people interested in what you have to say and authoritative and things like that right so that's pretty much it it's kind of a maybe an obvious lecture but not really obvious because to say but it's hard to do because you know it's not easy to create amazing websites profiles but you gotta get to that point or at least a good enough point where it doesn't take away from your pitches  

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