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SEO for your press release

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February 27, 2021

Video Transcription: Hi there this lecture is going to be actually based on a really cool tip from one of the students in this course Vickie Lorena this video is brought to you by Appy Pie’s Academy and she suggested doing a video on how to do SEO for your press release and I thought that was brilliant because well hopefully somebody picks up your press release and copies a part of it actually that's what they do when journalists take your press release often they just copy and paste a huge chunk of it without writing the actual article often not always and what happens is that's the text that gets placed on their website so why not do the SEO for them right so because they're just gonna copy and paste the text what you want to do is put the SEO right into the press release and by the way wherever this press release ends up leaving online why not have your SEO do your SEO for how do you do your SEO basically in this case it's just adding the right keywords in here so I'll show you exactly how to do that this is the press release that is packaged along in this course so you already have it and I'm gonna give the example based off of it so this really release press release is most comprehensive book on how to start a business based on research of 300,000 entrepreneurs okay so the keywords are startup business and entrepreneurs and book okay so I'll show you how I do my keyword research just really quickly I mean I have a full SEO course and so I'll have the links to all my other kind of courses and to ten resources in the very last lecture of this course so if you want to learn more about SEO you can take that course but here I'll just give like a really to the point just worry all that what's needed here okay so I'm gonna open a different browser that I have open for you and so this is what I do I search for a Google Keyword tool you're gonna find this listing you're gonna click on it this is Adwords now Adwords and I'm gonna sign in AdWords is for Google paid traffic but we're not going to use that we're just gonna use the Google Keyword as a part of this and you go search new keywords okay and you search for start the business maybe it's tight business and equal search get ideas and look for other ideas right I'm gonna have this keyword ideas tab okay and we're gonna see start a business okay you have that but look here are all the keyword ideas that you should put these phrases not stop them into your press release but put them there like a little by little wherever right look at all the variations starting a business how do I start a business right grants steps to start a business starting a business type up business you get it right so if you just target start business or start a business that's very limited because look at all the variations for this that there are and you will be missing out quite a bit especially if you get picked up by a really high like ranking publication they have a high chance to rank in Google for all these searches cuz you know if you if you do it from your website you'll have a hard time but from another big website you'll have an easier time and then you can just get your page to rank really well for all of these amazing keywords and get a ton of traffic and then you know from that page they they'll link to of course because you wrote the press release right you'll link to the book and you'll be able to get to sell a lot of books this way and so that's kind of how you would do basically so as there's a lot of test in here you would strategically add different keywords in different paragraphs maybe add paragraphs maybe add more and more and more and then you know that was just remember that was just what we did on start a business but there's also a keyword of entrepreneurs of course these are very competitive keywords it's not easy to rank for them but if you have even easier keywords you can like maybe business planning which is still a competitive keyword but still so you can sort of get close to a lot of different keywords and then get your press release to get picked up by a large publication hopefully and then rank in Google for all these amazing keywords then of course your link to your book will be here or your product and then it is just going to be doing marketing for you for a long time even after the press with the press you get press then you stop getting press but the press release will be or the article will be positions to be found in Google maybe this year next year in two years who knows how long right so that's the beauty of this strategy   

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