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Podcast equipment

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February 27, 2021

Video Transcription: There I want to talk to you about the equipment you will need to set up a podcast and I'm gonna do two in two ways I'm gonna do it in if you wanna kick out and if you want to get all the equipment there's one way and then there's a way to do it on the cheap this video is brought to you by Appy Pie’s Academy and then you'll see if your podcast is working out and then if it's working out you can gradually invest in more equipment over time because really your equipment can be like over a thousand dollars if you really get everything right so what do you need if you're going to have a podcast that's gonna be profesh almost in a professionally made quality right so you're going to need definitely a microphone of course right audio quality is really important good microphone start at generally you can get a lapel mic for around thirty dollars that's like the cheapest but generally the good ones are like $100 200 and that kind of a range then you will need a sound mixer right a sound mixer for example here's an example of one you know a couple hundred dollars right it's gonna help you to you know control audio quality you know things like that then there's the audio recorder it's kind of a thing that goes between the microphone and the thing that gets saved in the audio so that you see the actual recorder isn't that cheap it's a couple hundred dollars you're gonna need a set of heck a set of headsets and you know obviously headsets you know if you wanna get any kind of quality ones they're gonna range from 50 to maybe 100 maybe slightly more dollars here some you don't want to get the cheap evens you really want to make sure that you're hearing what's getting recorded once it's happening then there's an amplifier that you can get optional some more equipment a compressor here you know here's the thing that is the thing that will sort of give you the extension for your microphone you can adjust your microphone where it is easily another microphone and this is the pop filter which the sound that I just made right that that it will go take away the piece right those kind of sound make it sound better so that's really the kind of equipment and you can see you can spend a thousand dollars in the beginning right and you don't know if it's going to work out okay so that's the expensive way let me give you the cheap way the cheap way actually will cost you zero here's what you can do you can record audio from your computer your if you have a new laptop let's say Mac or PC usually they actually come there internal microphones are not that bad now some people will say that I'm like giving you the worst advice and yeah it's better if you have the professional equipment for a thousand dollars but if you don't want to spend a thousand dollars this is what you do only if you want to go on the cheap that with the microphone from your computer is not terrible okay you can record from your microphone which is built-in to your laptop it's free if your laptop is relatively new now there is software called audacity it's also free and this software it can help you take out some background noise if there's a truck passing by on the street and that gets into your audio you can kind of clean it up so what you can do in the editing of the audio you can try to make the audio a little better and audacity is free and your internal microphone is free so to start just to see how things go for you you can do it for free actually and a lot of people they will tell you you have to spend so much money by blah blah blah blah whipping the equipment equipment and it's true in some way but if you're intrapreneur if you just need to see if it's gonna work out if you just want to test it out and you don't want to spend a thousand dollars for your test right for the thousand dollars really a lot of money for a lot of people then you go for the free option internal mic and audacity it should get you going else like you have a PC or Mac you will have video editing software in your computer that comes for free with it and in that case you can edit audio with that video editor sometimes so that also is free for you right so those are the options for free to get started  

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