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Marketing for a YouTube show

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February 27, 2021

Video Transcription: I want to talk to you about how to market your YouTube show of course it's a complex topic there are entire courses devoted to YouTube marketing so I'm just going to give a primer but basically there's a couple of ways this video is brought to you by Appy Pie’s Academy then I kind of mean see YouTube as a search engine a lot of the content discovery there happens through search in fact your initial boost will often be through search right so you're gonna have to choose the keywords for every video put the keywords into the title in the description into the keyword tags field and then it's gonna be all about you know they actually make sure that you write a longer description as long as you can because YouTube does like longer descriptions for the videos in SEO afford the SEO and then once you start ranking you'll start getting used you'll get more and more high you'll get higher and higher rankings and what you want to do is boost the views by sharing the videos on social media all that kind of stuff boosting views on YouTube really helps rank it higher and of course if the video is good right and YouTube measures with quality of a video by how long are the people watching compared to competitive videos so if they think your video is good they're going to start recommending your video on the recommended list another metric that might make them think the video is good and if it has a big a big growth of views right if the views are growing rapidly so if you're having success promoting the video social media or if the video is viral and people are sharing it naturally that's gonna get your video to get you know that section of YouTube where people could watch this also like these videos and so those are the two really ways there are significant long term ways that you can get views for your video and exposure right and if you can pull this off for many videos all the better there are other ways to promote videos but these are so big that everything else almost pales in comparison because if you you know if you if you leverage search if you get everybody who's searching to find you or you know a lot of people who are searching to find you and then if you get Google to recommend your videos on other videos well that's a long-term play right that can happen you know you can be ranking today next month next year maybe in five years right so you can imagine that the number of views that you will get from that will trump anything else because any other kind of promotion it's a one-time promotion right let's say you some some big big big blog Pope mentions you make sure embed your video right well that's gonna be great for today tomorrow and after tomorrow but then the traffic will die down so what you really want to have is videos that somehow perpetually it gets views on YouTube and that way you will really grow a lot and then of course once people watch a lot they will subscribe they'll then they'll go to your website and all that kind of good things will happen but again you gotta focus on quality so that you can bring for a CEO and get recommended by YouTube and do a lot of your promotion one secret thing that I use is sometimes when you get a video embedded into other sites mainly blog posts of yours other web sites you know other URLs the other any other domains what that does is it actually helps you rank better in YouTube as well so that's a little insider tip slash secrets kind of thing but of course so these are the main ways overarching ways to promote a YouTube show you know you you do need more time to explain this that's why there are entire courses on YouTube marketing in this video I just wanted to give the overarching large patterns that the common pattern successful patterns for how video how YouTube videos how YouTube channels become popular so it's you know search recommendation algorithm and natural virality is also a huge but very hard an actual reality is really hard to create I mean you have to be really good and talented and it's really an art so that's kind of it for YouTube promotion  

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