How to use Reverse Publicity for your Blog

Example of Reverse Publicity for your Blog

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February 27, 2021

Video Transcription: You may have seen many articles like this 20 tips for marketing and content industry experts guess what this video is brought to you by Appy Pie’s Academy this is a blogger that took ideas from 20 people literally interviewed them or ask them to just contribute maybe only a paragraph or two you see very short but gave them credibility you know and gave them backlinks you can see they link to their website the link to their Twitter account and they added their quotes and they did this with twenty people and this is a fantastic way to use the reverse publicity method to get all the people who were interviewed to promote this article because guess what when this article went live almost everyone or everyone in this put in this post whoever was interviewed promoted in their social media whatever wherever they promote on Twitter on Facebook wherever and this article got a big boost so I'll walk you through the thinking points and the strategy for such an article and how to use the reverse publicity method that's used in this article for your business instead of asking for publicity the premise here is first you give publicity you offer something of value you give in this case the offer of value is just to get people to extra promotion of on your blog the backlinks the promotion of the Twitter accounts that you saw very easy for you to do and you just invite 5 10 or 20 industry experts that you want to network with so strategically invited and they contribute very little a quote or a paragraph so that it's not a lot of work for them it only takes like a minute or two for them to do the work you then you compile this into an amazing blog article make it really nice make it insightful and long articles have a tendency to rank a little better in Google so you try to rank it for some keywords if you're extra savvy in that kind of and in SEO and then when your article gets launched you've got a little army of those 20 people but they're not just people there are 20 influencers they have big audiences so you've got these 20 big Twitter accounts and 20 big LinkedIn profiles and 20 big Facebook groups or pages that they run can promote your article that feature them there so that's a way easy way to use your blog to very simply get content for your blog which is amazing but also to start building your networking in the industry and get on the radar of all of these well network known influencers and to start that business relationship with them and of course to get yourself a lot of extra traffic and promotion from their followers.

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