How to use audio file compression to minimize hosting costs?

How to use audio file compression to minimize hosting costs

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February 27, 2021

Video Transcription: Hi there I want to talk to you about audacity because this is one of the tools that you're gonna use to really help to work with your audio files to make them a little better this video is brought to you by Appy Pie’s Academy and basically to download audacity it's a free software I use it and basically you go audacity download you search in Google you will see this and basically you can get it for Windows or Mac I already have it installed so this is how it's going to work basically this is audacity I imported an mp3 file it's a small file whatever it doesn't matter what's on it um you can do some cleaning up on it on the file right but you also when you're done with the file you're going to export your audio and here's the important thing to keep in mind because you have a 50 megabyte limit on Lipson per month right per month so a half an hour of a show is about 25 megabytes right so if you have a weekly half-an-hour show it's not gonna fit into the minimum limit and here's what you do to fit into the minimum limit when you export your audio right you want to compress your files so that the file sizes become smaller right so this thing is thinking too long for some reason here it is and you want to go into options and the options are right so usually it's preset to 128 and that's where you're gonna get okay you know you're gonna get good audio quality you can go 112 96 if you're doing music or something like that like people say CD quality right then you need maybe higher rates here but if you're just doing a voice podcast you can get away with 80 or 96 it's gonna make your file sizes smaller and that way when you upload your audio files to your mp3 files to Lipson is gonna take up less space and you're going to be able to save money by making the file sizes smaller so this is how you use audacity to really fit under that five dollar limit maybe you'll need I think that the fifteen dollar plan gives you more but basically by making your file sizes smaller you get to fit into the cheapest plan possible for whatever format your show is you might have longer shows so in that case you might need a bigger plan but whatever it is you'll still be able to spend the minimum amount by going through this process and compressing your files so that's it  

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