How to Signing up for Libsyn?

Signing up for Libsyn

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February 27, 2021

Video Transcription: So now I just want to walk you through how to sign up for Lipson this video is brought to you by Appy Pie’s Academy so you go to the loops in the homepage and basically you click on the plans and pricing button where this is actually where I just was and as you can see monthly storage five dollars we're gonna start with that it's a little bit not exact because if you want stats to see how many people are actually you know downloading your podcast all that kind of stuff they charge you extra two dollars you're gonna have to pay seven dollars you're gonna have to bite the bullet I guess so you sign up here you're gonna enter your own information I don't know what your information is but it's pretty simple you basically choose this one um you can choose the one for five dollars I would recommend that you get the seven dollars because if you have no statistics of the Downloads that's really bad because you don't yeah you will have like no idea of how your podcast is doing and I do know of a discount code fire it's it's not my affiliate link it's not my affiliate discount it's um John I forgot his name but he's a huge podcaster and if he's from the intrapreneur and fire and so I found his discount coupon so this is for his he'll get paid I don't get paid but you will get a discount fire and I have really no business relationship with him or anything I just know that this is really this is really the only discount code I found and on his site it says that you will get the rest of this month for free and next month for free so basically you will save seven dollars next month and whatever is left of this month so you will save some a little a few bucks and you click I read everything blah blah blah just make sure you fill this out correctly and it will take you to this screen which is your you know thank you screen for signing up you will also get an email saying you know thank you and then you go to this URL which is going to be your you know you you're gonna you're gonna have to sign in you basically is gonna this is this is the URL I kind of made it so that I already have all of these screens up so that I can just walk you through them so you go to this URL you sign in you basically log in and when you log in here is what you will see and you are ready to upload your first episode this is essentially your dashboard that you're going to use to upload your podcast  

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