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Ways to strengthen your pitch

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February 27, 2021

Video Transcription: Let's talk about how to make your pitch more attractive just more elements of your pitch the email page that you write how to make it kind of stand out from the crowd this video is brought to you by Appy Pie’s Academy because the problem that you face is that these radio show hosts get a lot of pitches from people just like you what is the number one way to incentivize sometimes it's actually financial you can give some kind of incentive either financial or if you can offer to promote their show in some channel that you have and that will maybe get you into good graces it's also nice to start out having open some with something like I already tweeted about your show because I found I found it that it was so cool right I already started promoting your show guess what the organizer the organizer and creator of the show spends a lot of time promoting and any help they get is a really welcome thing and that sort of thing gets you in good graces with them right another thing is that in your pitch you want to include any kind of industry statistics or statistics that you found that back up some claims or back up some things that you want to talk about that makes you a lot more credible another thing that you want to do is when you are writing use the word you and you're like your podcast your listeners you will like this that so that the person will really start to picture themselves right because ultimately this isn't for you it's for them so talk about them right make them picture how much their podcast will be better with you than without you and if they really see it and convince themselves about how much better it will be with you then before you write how much your episode will bring to their podcast they're gonna start to want you and there's a big shift between them not being sure them doing your favor and them actually wanting you once they convince them that they want you they're gonna go after you right whereas before that you have to convince them pitch them say please and all that another thing that you can do to make yourself more attractive and pitch more attractive maybe if you if you are just starting out most likely you don't have like big numbers right you don't have a million users or even ten thousand users or any kind of but you might because what if you pick a smaller niche what if you are number one in some specific space like maybe you are chef right maybe you're not the best like sushi chef right maybe you've not even the best sushi chef in your city but maybe you are the you can make up a category right for example you invented you're the best sushi chef for California rolls you know you make some special California rolls that get incredible attention and then you just kind of made yourself number one in a sub niche that you created okay you know there's no one else measuring this right there might be other people who are a lot more established than other things and bigger things but so that's um that's kind of is being creative and resourceful and so you can always come up with ways and how you are the number one or the best or the most interesting if you just augment the space right so you might not be number one in cooking but or Japanese cuisine but you might be number one in a certain way of making a certain kind of sushi which nobody knows except you but there's nobody else doing that so you're the only one who does that so you are number one right so lady something you can kind of finagle something like that right I mean it's reaching pretty far I know but in case you really don't have something to pitch with you know you gotta come up with something that makes you really you got to stand out you really gotta stand out you can't be boring right you can't be boring that's the one thing that's gonna kill you is that people are if they're boring they're just gonna turn it do it you know because it's when you make a boring show for their audience so you gotta have some twist especially if a part of your pitch is already kind of like a part of the show title itself right so the not the entire show but the episode right so you know like how to reach a million people how to make them or in using the example I'm doing here how to make the best how to become the best chef in the sushi chef in by specializing in a certain kind of sushi right at one specific time anything but just at least it's interesting right and you can make anything interesting it's all about writing headlines that you know it's practice people aren't born writing interesting headlines I recommend that you know since you're a new to me I don't have any courses about copywriting per se but I recommend that you browse around for courses that are maybe focus on copywriting and writing better headlines because that gets a lot of attention and I said essentially once you start writing better once you start writing in a more exciting way you are you gonna start to get more kind of and by the way this here this lecture here this is kind of a little bit of an introduction to some of the copywriting you'll need to do but if you certainly make yourself an expert over time because the better you write pitches it's gonna just improve your career in anything you try to sell pitch whatever anyway going back to my main point be creative and be resourceful in how you pitch be exciting be interesting maybe even a little bit mysterious and you see a lot of positive results because people will have natural interest so try those things and try to be always creative and how you position yourself in relation to the different shows that you're pitching and making things interesting for them  

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