How to get big name guests on your show

How to get big name guests on your show

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September 10, 2020

I: Introduction

A: Public relation and press coverage for your business

Public Relations is a complex process that allows you to earn the public’s trust and recruit new customers. It is a very useful tool for any business, especially those seeking to increase their profitability. The purpose of PR is to create and maintain a good image and reputation for you or your business. This can be done by:

1. Recruiting influential people as spokespeople – writers, celebrities, etc. – who can help influence the public in your favor.

2. Providing your audience with positive information about your business.

3. Creating a promotional campaign that will attract the public’s attention.

II: Body

A: How to get big name guests on your show

In order to gain the public’s trust, it is essential to have many famous guests on a show. There are a few things to do if you want a celebrity to join your program: first, you must create a list of potential guests. Since this is a common practice in television, there are many online directories that contain contact details for people you should contact. After that, you need to contact them and invite them to come on your show. The main problem with this approach is that most celebrities do not have time to appear on every show they are invited to. Therefore, the second step would be to check if they have already appeared on other shows or if they have been interviewed by many journalists from other programs. If a celebrity has already been a guest on different TV shows, you should contact him/her personally and offer them something new – a different spin, a unique take on their story, etc. – that will make them appear on your show as well. The third step would be to contact the star’s agent or manager and ask him/her why the celebrity has not agreed to come on your show yet. You can claim that your show is better than others or that it will give the celebrity more exposure than others (which is usually true). Ask him/her to persuade his/her client to come on your show. Sometimes an agent or manager can be persuaded by money or even free gifts (such as tickets to events or sports games). However, if none of these methods work, it would be best to give up on this particular celebrity (at least for now) and choose someone else instead.

III: Conclusion

The PR process is an important part of promoting your business or yourself in the eyes of the public. There are many ways how you can use PR in order to improve the way people perceive you or your company. The easiest way is to sign up for interviews with famous people who may promote your business in front of millions of people just because they like their job and enjoy it. You can also recruit celebrities who already have fans but don’t have much money to spend at present time so giving an interview is an interesting idea for them as well. Another way is to contact every journalist who has previously interviewed someone you want to interview and ask him/her whether he/she will do another interview with you. It’s quite possible that he/she will agree provided that you are offering something new for him/her to write about. Another good way is to hire an agent or manager who can persuade his/her clients into doing interviews on your behalf. This method works quite well with unknown people who need the publicity but if the person on whom you wish to focus has already gained some fame it might be difficult to persuade him/her into doing interviews on different TV shows again and again if he/she already has great exposure elsewhere.

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