How to find Press Clubs?

How to find Press Clubs

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February 27, 2021

Video Transcription: Now I want to show you how to actually find press clubs and press associations in your area this video is brought to you by Appy Pie’s Academy all you have to do is basically search for like in my case let's say I'm in New York so I'm gonna search press New York Press Club meetings or I don't have to do the word meetings sometimes it's not easy to find online so you would want to do meetings events but in this case look they have any NY Press Club org and you basically go there and they have events and you can see if you can apply to the event or walk into the events what it will take to get into the events if it's paid if it's free see like it's right there 75 dollars for members and hundred for non-members so this one is pricey again everything in New York is a ripoff anyway so it's too expensive but at least it's possible to attend and if publicity is important for you this is not you don't have to do this option since it's a hundred dollar event fee but you have the option to choose from okay so you don't have to do it but you could and you can see maybe other events are cheaper that you can go to you can see the previous events and stuff like that let me try to do another search with the other keyword with Press Association Press Association in Boston and I'm going to find this some results and I'll basically be like what is this thing Boston press photographers Association mmm interesting I'm gonna go there you know I can click that but that before I do that there's New England's Women's Press Association interesting that's a Wikipedia but okay national paper Association let's look at this newspaper and Press Association professional trade organization for newspapers in the in New England so we're gonna go there let's see let's click it and see what happens and you'll be like oh they have upcoming events and maybe you can maybe it's a fit for you maybe it's not a fit for you if it's not a fit that's fine but if it is a fit oh my god that's a amazing place in one room you'll have so many journalists who can either publish stories about you directly or refer you to others who can publish stories about you or what you're doing and look at these guys they even promote stuff that's interesting podcasting workshops and you know all that stuff newspaper conference so our registration is open it's a big newspaper conference so surely it's gonna be paid but if it's not too expensive then you can go and meet that many journalists that a conference usually goes on for like a day or two or three so you can meet a lot of journalists and expand a few days and make sure you don't lose your relationship don't lose contact with them and you can if you have something worthwhile you're promoting then of course they can give you a lot of exposure so I made this video to show you how easy it is to find Press Association's and press clubs in your area so just search Google and see what you find now not every area has these so if it doesn't have it it's too bad but if it does have it amazing there's so much opportunity here.

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