How to do Show monetization?

Show monetization

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February 27, 2021

Video Transcription: Now I want to tell you briefly about how to monetize your show this video is brought to you by Appy Pie’s Academy and you'll see that across YouTube podcast and blog it's a little bit similar and what are our options we can place ads either the ads can be either you know off the shelf ads like from Adsense you know those Google ads or your YouTube ads that you see or ads that you make for your own product like on you know you might record your own commercial for your own your own podcast and say hey you know go to my website buy this thing so ads usually the off-the-shelf ads like ad cents that usually give you paltry revenue and really make significant money when only when your show becomes big selling products is kind of similar because you don't have a big audience then just not gonna buy right so what you really want to do is grow your audience but even more importantly make them very engaged right make them consume your content regularly read your blog listen to your podcast watch your YouTube videos because when you bombard them with that every show they watch they get an app right maybe two ads and they will that ad they don't react to it from the first time not the second time studies show that it takes about seven times to come to come in contact with an ad for a person to act on it or engage with it and of course there's the opportunity for you to get sponsors but again this will only happen when you reach a very significant scale so in the beginning this is sponsorship is not something to look into too much because even if they sponsor you they won't sponsor you for a lot of money because you just got no listeners and no viewers right so you can see the same thing for podcasts you know you can there are no in podcast ads that are off the shelf but off the shelf but you can create your own commercials when you can try to sell your own products it might work but it will work great if you build engagement and total listenership okay and the same thing is with your blog so the main takeaway for how to really make money is in the beginning you can make a tiny bit and it's okay you can even get to a few hundred dollars a month let's say and that'll be okay but really where the magic happens is where you big and the listeners that audience is very engaged they're very engaged and listen to many episodes they will start to that add blindness they will they will stop they will stop being as blind to your ads and they will act on them they will engage with them and there you make the sales so not only will you growth like linearly let's say you grow your show of course the listeners grow and so ad revenue grows product sales grows but when the engagement grows that's when your sales draw exponentially when you sell products when you promote stuff on your own commercials right okay go to my website buy this widget the sales of that will grow exponentially because of the engagement of your audience right they are better audience they're our audience who buys at a higher rate that's what that's really where the money will be made long-term not to mention that of course you'll get more authority and you will be a more recognized brand elsewhere and so even elsewhere let's say the same widget if it's on Amazon and people come there but they see always from you I know that brand they will be more likely to engage with you there so it's really about when you are big that's where the money happens when you were small the money can happen on a little trickle but it's just not gonna make a business it's not gonna make a living for you  

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