How to craft your pitch to radio & podcast hosts

How to craft your pitch to radio show and podcast hosts

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February 27, 2021

Video Transcription: So now we're gonna actually work on our pitch I'm gonna give an example and walkthrough of a template that is from my own page so you can see how to do it this video is brought to you by Appy Pie’s Academy so let's recap we are going to pitch for example this person Devon at the show like a boss radio okay we know his name first even before we pitch we've got a researched him a little bit so that our pitch is better luckily we have a website and we know believe he wants right it's a you know it's a lifestyle show and yeah I actually have a browser with his website right so actually I before I made this lecture I copied his URL and I came here and look it's very easy he explains exactly what he wants business and entrepreneurship is first dating relationship is second health and fitness is fourth a third bio hacking and more I don't know what more is is fourth but generally I don't know anything about bio hacking but the other three let's see what I can come up with okay and so here is our page that we're gonna work from it's a template that I made and it's right after this lecture the next lecture is this template and after that is the template without all my little suggestions and you'll see what I mean here so let's go through the template so first of all you want to go dear that's how you start your message right here we know his name his name is Devin never just say hello or anything like that always use his name I mean it's like the first way to either give yourself credibility or not okay so Devin or whatever his name might be next here's this is my sort of template for the pitch first you want to establish a little bit of rapport in his case he's got no episodes right so it's actually really easy I checked out your instead of your show website and I feel that it would be it would have something special for your audience okay in this case you know maybe special is a little bit vague but it's not bad because you don't want to spend too much here what you do want to do is stand apart from the people who just randomly email him and have no idea what to show us about that don't even care right so you say I have checked out your website already that sets you apart and you better than half the other people who completely ignored his name ignored his website rights you're so far doing well then you wanna really importantly establish credibility and make things really exciting for him right and here I give you a lot of choices this is how I might or you might sort of talk about yourself and you want to really establish yourself right here I would say credibility and authority like why are you the person to talk about this right and don't worry even if you're starting out you can always find something for yourself because I didn't start out with a million app downloads or anything so now the way I open if people are excited about apps why are why not I don't know they are so a lot of the times you can see number two I open a lot about apps you know I'm a mobile app developer and I made really successful apps have a million downloads and they helped entrepreneurs and guess what in a pinch of inertia piz a huge topic and my ABS help entrepreneurs and their help with towels and entrepreneurs right and his show wants business guests right so this is like ideal and not everyone has made apps I understand maybe you don't have your own apps but you always can find some wrinkled some interesting thing about your background right and by the way if you are having a hard time this is why post course discussions tell me a little bit about your background yourself and I'll help you brainstorm what it might be what might be the unique thing for you what might be the unique pitch for you this is why I'm here so if we can come up with something catchy I give some examples here but if you can't come up with something message me privately or message me or just post the course discussion so other people in the course can see it and also participate and help you so if you feel stuck here don't there are ways you can get help personal help from me okay so come up I give here a few things right I'll sometimes I also open I'm a three-time Amazon bestseller right and I write I write books like business and marketing you can say you're a serial entrepreneur that's also not bad you can say what are you successful in are you a successful home business entrepreneur are you a successful restaurant open restaurant business person are you successful social media person what do you have proven track record of or what do you love to do or what do you study right I give here six choices but there is no shortage right think about what you are great in and at least X tab with your authority in that little thing it doesn't have to be a huge thing it can be at least a little thing where you're a big player okay or maybe at least have a lot of passion okay and then you establish your authority and the next thing you gotta do and give them really interesting options for the kind of show that you would have for example there's a little problem with formatting he'll fix that so here is one option on your show this is how I would pitch this person with my business on your show I can discuss how I made mobile apps that help entrepreneurs plan and start their business and how those ABS got 1 million downloads boom another option I cannot and there's gonna be these are here they're in one whole tank block of text but for you these are just options like this is option one and this is a whole new option to I can also discuss how to how'd that turn how my apps turned into a coaching career in which I coached over 1,000 entrepreneurs that's also exciting see how do you see how I always throw out numbers right as soon as you get to any kind of milestone because at one point this wasn't one thousand at one point this was ten thousand which is not a lot right I still pitched it that way because even one thousand okay at least you're somewhere in the game okay so you know what sometimes numbers and in the more you're in business the more your numbers will grow and that be more impressive but don't be afraid of at least you know numbers they just make you look a little better a little bit more credible little more authoritative even if they're not that day sometimes because even a thousand downloads is actually hard to get for many half entrepreneurs right so okay another option right so here I talked about apps here I talked about the coaching aspect right very different option that I gave this person that potentially can strike an interest in his mind to invite me on a show number three or I can discuss how I created over sixty online courses with forty thousand actual student students in mostly business and marketing but here's the interesting thing and here's where research helps right but with also nine health and fitness courses right you see how in his show description he talked about health and fitness and how mostly it focuses number one on business and entrepreneurship well guess what we combined those two right so now we've got two of his main requirements covered and that's what we got with nine health and fitness courses since I see that your show also focuses on exercise and health miss bigness I think this so I'm just gonna format it here I so I can discuss some of the ways to profit and get into online business the people that allow people to make money from exploring their passions boom done nice signature sincerely Alex Genedinic and also you want to give links little signature give links to your websites maybe your link to your website linked to your LinkedIn link to your Twitter if he some people like to also add a link to their phone number because it adds a little bit of credibility like hey I'm not a online spammer I actually have a real phone number but some people are private about it so after you you can also add a foreign phone number optionally but do you see how I crafted this pitch it's not too long right because most of the text here isn't using an actual email it's actually really a lot less a very little of this text it is actually in the email but I give you a lot of choices here and you can go boom boom sprinkle all the right elements in have a really concise and precise pitch that presents something valuable for his audience and send it off right so you don't spend a lot of time on it you actually can have this pre-made so that you kind of copy and paste and really just change one or two lines in there right so every email you send it really just said change a couple of lines and then send it and it really takes you almost no time each day so in the next lecture I'll have the same thing kind of without all my template things so it would be I think just that it would be a purely an example okay this is a template in the next lecture I'll have like a pure example with this and then we'll resume our regular lecturers talking about how to send how to pitch all that  

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