How to check out the emails?

How to check out the emails

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February 27, 2021

Video Transcription: Once you sign up a radio guest list every day you will get an email just like the one that I have open this video is brought to you by Appy Pie’s Academy so let's go through it and let's see what this email has to offer us so they have some upsells that like try a premium email service blah ok we're not interested in that so much we scroll down a little to this area where the actual shows are right and we have one two three four shows in this email that are looking for guests okay let's go through them and I'll go through them I don't know what your business is because I don't know you maybe but although we can fix that you can always email me with questions about your specific business and your specific pitch and post discussions in the course and send me private messages with questions I always welcome that and I help everybody but let's for example you know who I am sort of I'm like you know I help people with business and marketing so let's take a look at this from my perspective if I'm reading this first of all this is a featured publicist right this is a person who's paying radio guest list to be here they're basically advertising but we're not doing that so we scroll mission date night calling romance authors right so if you're a romance author this radio show is looking for you okay I'm not a romance author I skip there may be some way that I can cut if I really wanted to I could kind of try to appear in the show because I have written a few books and but they're on business and marketing and so maybe I can offer a perspective like even though I don't write about romance I can offer perspective on how new authors might promote their books in an interesting way okay or how they can become a best-seller something like that right so maybe I can input some of that and maybe they the people here might be interested we may come back here next like a boss radio six experts for interviews shows topics range from business and entrepreneurship to dating well this sounds much closer to than what I do right I actually have business and entrepreneurship courses mobile apps ebooks this is great for me so let's kind of take a closer look so when you take a closer look you basically click on the headline and it's gonna load in a second and it explains to you what this show is all about and I'm gonna make this a little bigger so that you can see and read at the same time with me what I'm looking for is you know there's a quick short description we already sort of had that we don't really you know certainly you need the person to contact it's really good because their name is Devon we'll use that as to say hey how are you Devon we actually know his full name here developer Connie then what we want to do is see how much traffic this show has right this show see it says we are a new podcast building up episodes for the launch so they have not have been launched we don't even so for me that's like a deal breaker I mean it's not a deal breaker but that's it that's a bad thing right yeah I want to be on shows that have a big audience and like our growing ivy I've been on shows where like I've been interviewed for shows that they're about to launch and then sometimes even what happens is like the person might change their mind and not even start the show at all right they might record a few episodes and then realize oh this is harder than I thought or it's not what I thought it would be like and they quit for whatever reason right so you just wasted your time so this would be a reason for me not to email about it's too small of a show okay so I would pass up this opportunity and I would recommend that you also strongly consider you know case by case generally shows that having started they're not the highest quality shows and you don't know what kind of traffic they're gonna get you one thing you could do is you can see they have a website you could get a link from this website which might help your Google SEO so you can still do some work there and Plus this person hasn't started so probably it's hard for them to book guests and for that reason you might you want to take a risk you'll get a link from their show notes when the show is live when they launch you not only get a lot of you're not gonna get a lot of traffic but you're gonna get a link for your SEO and maybe a little bit of traffic so it's not all bad because you are getting the SEO benefit okay next what I would do is really create a pitch if you wanted to email this person right and in the next lecture I'm gonna talk about pitching pitching is really important and probably before pitching we should get into a little bit about what makes a good pitch right what they're looking for because they get a lot of pitches usually and so you want to stand out you don't be boring so in the next lectures we're gonna talk about how to stand out how to write a great pitch how to be exciting and how to because you they're thinking what's gonna be interesting for my audience right and so when you approach them you have to get them not to accept you to be on their show but to want you to be on their show see and the way you get them to want you to be on their show is by knowing and understanding what they want and what's best for their audience and bringing that like 10 times right and we'll talk about exactly how to position your pitch to appear that way and to make them want you but for now this is it I showed you how I sort of go through the email that I get how it looks like it's it's admittedly poorly designed I wish these emails were better design but basically they do send you three different sort of items per email or four sometimes to choose from who to pitch right and by the way let's take a look at the last item wwr ng b lamonica we turned down the seeking exciting expert doesn't say experts and what experts in relationship fashion books well I can do that because I got books society religion current events and exciting the listeners to one another and if it's exciting for listeners right so you can pitch anything that's exciting almost right and this is a great thing here because we're gonna talk about how to make anything into something exciting or how to squeeze excitement and unique perspectives and angles out of maybe something bland or something that doesn't seem particularly exciting and that's all going to happen in the following lectures so go ahead and get to the next lectures and we'll talk about all of that there  

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