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Goals revenue branding and awareness email list growth sales

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February 27, 2021

Video Transcription: Let me quickly outline for you the major benefits of having your own big blog podcast or you do show this video is brought to you by Appy Pie’s Academy of course the first benefit is of course more traffic more awareness and with that better branding for you right so the better branding is really important because it's something it's an element that gives you more trust more likability more people who regularly consume your content and that whole concept of regular consumption that's building fans that's people who are to appreciate your business more than just regular people right and those are the those are people who was likely to buy your things right anything you promote right so first is the branding and awareness if that gives you the trust the authority once you have the trust and authority when you promote anything let's say you launch the book you launch an online course you want some other product you whatever you do then boom when you send that out to your list not only is there a lot of them right you've got a lot of the awareness not only is there a lot of people consuming your blog podcast or YouTube show but in those many people there's a subset of them who are like superfans right you know the top 10% so they are more much more likely to buy from you those are the guys who will respond well to anything you're promoting and of course you can build many of your other marketing channels by funneling your blog podcast or YouTube without content consumers to whatever else you are promoting maybe like your email list or something else but there's really another thing that really will help you and that's when you have a big promotional channel whether it's a blog or a podcast or youtube shop any of them as long as it's big other people in your industry they are going to start to want to network with you okay so you can start having more favors you need some favors Dainius and papers right and it will give rise to you know cross-promotional opportunities things like that so those are the major benefits of having a big show you know in any kind of format but generally blog podcast or YouTube and one more thing when you do have a big show think about one other thing that happens let's say you offer some product right you wrote some book anyone can write this sort of similar book anyone can copy your product right so at some point there's not enough differentiation right but what becomes the differentiation it's your show your show that is what is going to get you to stand out you can share it on total on all sorts of social media you can really make your show I talked about eventually not right away but eventually you can make your show I talked about thing shared thing you can you know have fans of your show even meet up like let's say you're visiting some city you can you know hey people in that city let's have a meet-up right to you can build a somewhat of a community even so on this concept of like you're not just a business you actually a show is part of your business and so it's a fantastic differentiator in the on the web because the web is so cluttered with me toos there are so many Mateusz a million health experts a million business experts a million marketing experts right first how do you know they're experts well some of them have a show you can get to see what their stuff is like but also sometimes you just you know you don't until you try them so the the show really gives people a nice glimpse into what they would get in your premium product which is your main business that you're trying to promote so that's what's really synergistic so those are the fantastic benefits that you know you can get from a blog a podcast a youtube and you know and I'll even throw in there are events serious because events serious as can also function in very similar ways but for now let's stick there I will stick with blog just and YouTube  

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