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Course Introduction Of Press Coverage Publicity Public Relations For Branding

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February 27, 2021

Video Transcription: Welcome to the course my name is Alex Genedinik and I'll be your instructor I sincerely appreciate the time and trust that you're putting into me in this course and I'll do whatever I can to make sure that you get a lot of value from the course starting with this video is brought to you by Appy Pie's Academy I make sure to answer 99% of student questions within 24 hours and I regularly hold office hours where you and I can actually have a one-on-one conversation at one point and talk about how to get publicity for your business I can give you personalized advice for your unique situation now let me tell you a little bit about how this course is structured and my background so I've been getting publicity from different sources for many many years now but for my book launches for product launches I've been getting on podcast radio shows and in this course I show you how to do all of that now to do this you really need to hire like a publicist usually and that's like $5,000 a month minimum but I'll show you how to do it all on your own for free without too much of a time investment I'll show you how to get on radio shows in a read on podcast there was like a year where I got on 50 different podcasts and radio show interviews literally almost one a week boom bubble and some of them were quite large and that was years ago and people are still isn't into this podcast today and emailing me so I'll show you how I've got mentioned by sites like Mashable even CBS News and really large publication now it's it's not common that you'll get that every day you're not gonna get mentioned in Mashable every day that's really hard.

But I'll walk you through everything how how to me and especially how to position your business from day one to be more publicity worthy to get to be more noteworthy to get the attention of journalists so you don't even have to reach out as much and when you do reach out they'll be very compelled and interested in what you are doing because you'll start you off with just the right positioning to get attention and then it will be easy to get attention for your business from that from then on get interviewed get ancient really stand out and get a lot of traffic because publicity is amazing for branding because everybody's in your industry reads the publication's in which you're going to be mentioned so they'll know about you and after an hour also the other effect of it is that when you get mentioned in these gigantic publications and sometimes get linked from them to your site it will boost your SEO like no SEO agency can do for you these are some of the most amazing links like for example Mashable or CBS News those very same links those are nearly impossible to get and no SEO freelancer who's gonna is a is going to be able to even come close so these there are so many benefits to this course so I'm really excited to get into it I hope you're excited let's get started.

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