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Talking to customers is your secret weapon

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June 15, 2020

Video Transcription: This course is brought to you by Appy Pie as part of our Academy series before I mentioned that is mean printables have imported torture customers first I want to talk more so what you want to talk to customer in the first place and reason is you know exactly what problems are facing and the simple but still models on penis don't spend enough time talking to the potential customers and if you do this you can say it's ok for so many other people that it rain start business in other reasons that your customer is always time wrong assumptions sell this idea that we also the word differently and if you think that everyone has the singer problem that from your perspective and your customers are coming from a completely different perspective in Idea That seems so right in head that it's obvious that Oppo 183 my pizza in and nobody else really months and that's why the best way to find out if a customer is really have this problem you think about is the action trekking and in the sense you won't wait I'm doing something based on your assumptions were people one you build something based on the source to customers tell me exactly what I want another Greece in The Torture customers is you have an infinite ideas that you can turn into successful businesses you will be surprised by how many problems people have that you can find a way to solve and they obey you for once you get on society is incredible family business opportunities after but you don't have a potential type of person you want to start from scratch you can start writing a list of people you know the effect likely be really thought you for 15 to 20 minutes and agree with this is just an Excel document and write someone's name a person you know in a phone number and then you can you are given a quick call centre email message asking them is there any thought you for 15 minutes just about their problems and you can tell that you're looking for problems to solve everything is inner view in SQL developer skill it can I take tractors 724 1st 32 in his customer interview is problem if you really awkward and not have the tiny dancer grade and its Ok thats for the process and your face in a 20 May be really Messi and you mean of Goa information about them but the more it is the better you become and want you can really good in every another people urinary system and IST difference in the type of Institute get and how many problems define to you can solve the human aspects to Bina train appear for asking the right questions I am listening carefully ever UN special need to study now it's really important you recording calls Nestle caused by listening to your calls what you finish time you will get better because you will get to see but thank you to write a review for thank you Kiran bada and then change that for the next generation now what is revenue record you call you always want to tell people upfront that are caused by record.

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