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Failure is the secret of success

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December 30, 2019

This course is brought to you by Appy Pie as part of our academy series in this video I'm gonna be talking about why failure is such a great and important tool and right now so many people have a strong aversion to failure they will do whatever it takes at all costs to not fail especially if it's in front of other people but the truth is failure is really good so too many people don't start because they're scared of failing and that's not a good thing that people won't start because they're scared of failing so they may have these high aspirations of what they want to do and this great idea that's been marinating in their head for a while but they won't take any action on it because they're afraid that if they do they're gonna fail and they don't want other people to make fun of them or to know they tried something and it didn't work and another common situation is people are afraid of failing but they won't admit it to themselves and instead they'll come up with some kind of excuse that is logical but it's not the real reason they're not trying it's because they're afraid of failing but they don't even know that themselves and trust me everybody experiences this I have experienced this countless times where I wouldn't start something because I didn't want to fail and I have to keep reminding myself that it's important to try because failure is the greatest learning tool out there so here's the truth about failure all entrepreneurs have failed at some point and in fact everyone's failed at some point even when you learn to walk you must have failed fry like ten or hundreds of times we all have and that's how we became really good at walking we learned through trial and error now in general if you're not failing it means you're not reaching far enough you want to be failing failing is a sign that you're doing something really right and that's because like I mentioned earlier failure is the best way to learn anything you can read about stuff in a book you can learn from taking this course but the truth is if you're not taking action and failing then you're not learning nearly much as you could be.

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