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The power of creativity and building things that don't scale

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December 30, 2019

This course is brought to you Appy Pie as part of our academy series when it comes to building your MVP it's really important to build things that don't scale and that's because your MVPs themself don't scale your MVP is not your final product the only purpose of your MVP is to see if you can build the solution customers will pay for and to get their feedback see what they liked about that solution and what they didn't like and in almost all cases your final products will look very different than your MVP and that's because your MVP is just a creative way of getting this information about seeing if customers are willing to pay for your solution and what often happens is once you get feedback from customers you come up with another solution that can solve their problems more effectively and often an MVP will require a lot of manual work and time on your end that your final products not going to take up so don't worry if your MVP is taking up all your time and you say if I build a business I can't spend this much time on it because the truth is the MVP is a very short term project and it's only used to test these assumptions about our solution and the pain that our customers are having so that being said when you create an MVP it's very important to be creative and that's because there are a lot of ways to build an MVP so a lot of people have told me that they have this great business idea but they can't see any way they can make an MVP they really need a lot of money and a team of programmers in order to make it happen but the truth is there's almost always a way that you can make a much lower cost solution that doesn't scale so one example is the really famous company Groupon and Groupon actually started as a wordpress blog that offered a two-for-one pizza deal so they didn't have to go get iPhone or other phone programmers in order to start their business they were able to make an MVP as a wordpress blog and there is no way that that would be scalable to their final business but as you can see their final products may look very different than the wordpress blog but that wordpress blog validated their assumption that people were interested in these types of deals so when it comes to building an MVP there truly is no right way to build it and you can be very creative.

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