Wireframing Final Touches

Making the wireframe interactive & Final Touches

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December 02, 2019

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Let's give a few final touches to our wireframe so let's begin by naming the screens I'm just gonna double click on the screen and I'm gonna name it as screen one I'm gonna click it here as green one underscore pop-up screen - this is very very important when you are trying to import it into the program such as inversion and when you're building more complex via frames screen for and screen 5 let's just delete this yes we don't need it to let's add one more small button so that we get an arrow so let's put this where is it over here so that on clicking it we can move to the next screen let me just copy this we don't need it on the pop-up let me just zoom out yep put it here exactly zoom out hit ctrl or command we zoom out to paste it up arrow so let's go back to the screen number one so we have positioned it here and let's begin our linkage process so let's see where this will link to screen number two this will link to screen 2 will link to screen number 3 screen 3 will link to screen number 4 and screen for will link to screen number 5 and screen 5 is gonna link to screen number 1 so we have got our links in place so that we'll be able to get a beautiful coherent experience so again let's hit command F and go into full-screen mode and again we are at the bottom so let me just write this and excellent here we are there we go so you can get an amazing the flow of how your website is going to look even without writing a single line of code or going into some complicated CSS and html5 you know what the user is going to see and that's the magic of wireframes.  

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