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Wireframing - Challenge Answer

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December 02, 2019

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Congratulations if you got how to solve the challenge but let's see how I would do it so let me go back to the main screen zoom out the zoom out again so I'm gonna quickly duplicate this over here and let's go back to Google Chrome and we have a rectangular box so that's a tangle trying it see how much screen it's covering okay just drag a bet and what we have we have a title so let's come back here big title big text yep we have it here let's just drag it here and hit download chrome download for Mac again let me just go back download this copy this button paste it here download for Mac we have the same tech so I'm gonna take it here copy this asset kind of paste it back over here haha you didn't notice that the rectangle moved which I did not want it to because we forgot to lock it so let's hit command Z again lock rectangle so our rectangle is locked in the position it over here again we've got a bunch of text so we're just gonna copy some text and it is download for phone or tablet I'm not happy with the size I'm just going to increase it to 16 again some text I guess this is Android and I'm gonna hit option iOS can download for our mother to stop paste it copy this again I'm going to take some text right if I have some text yeah this time we're just gonna paste it hit enter oops it's not working so let's go the normal way that is some text when a command option again and Linux command option sorry option again hold option again I and I'm gonna head paste and we have it here country well that's just so you can do a multiple clicks holding shift shift shift and we have it and us have an image here how big is image it's pretty okay and we cross let's see how this process it's okay we can just drag it up over here and we are going to make it small and we're gonna say display border so we want a nice neat border and yeah we've got the pop-up now I'm gonna introduce you to a very important a concept called linking so let's head over here to our first screen and you can make out I click this button or rather I click this link and you can make out that currently this is not linked to any time so I come over here I will link it to my new mock-up 1 copy 5 the pop-up which I just created and I'm gonna come to the pop-up wireframe which I just created oops I think my ex is missing so let me just quickly add that over here and as usual, let me just reduce the size add a border and this X I'm gonna link it back to my full screen now go to the View menu and go to full-screen presentation now you can make out that on clicking it we got this popper and on plugging in X we got back to the main screen. 

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