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How to Communicate to a Web Developer

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December 02, 2019

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Hey I know you are itching to get started building amazing wireframes and beautiful mobile app designs but I need to give you a brief overview of the type of technologies that are currently present and also the type of developers out there the developers are the people who will be converting your beautiful designs to actual workable code so there is something called the back end of a website it consists of a database server and a web application and there is something called the front end of a website this is what you see when you visit a website it consists of images text a lot of layouts with buttons for interactivity and a lot of host of stuff which basically increase the visual appeal of the website developers who developed for the server side or the back end are called back-end developers developers who developed for the front end are called front-end developers and you guessed it developers who developed for both back-end and front-end are called full stack developers as a designer you will be working with the developer in the future so it is vital that you get a few of the lingos correct.      

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