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Design Basics

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December 02, 2019

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I like to introduce you to a few design basics elements such as typography color palette graphic design user personas user flow and page or app layout all encompasses the wider gamut of web or app design this is followed by the development process where your designs are converted into actual workable code a point remember is that the terms web or app design or web or app development are often used interchangeably but they are very very different design is designing how the website looks how the app feels how the users interact with your product whereas development is actually building the product with a lot of code a lot of scripting languages etc we are focusing on design currently also it is crucial that you work with the developer at all stages of your design process for example as designers we can go overboard with animations or fades but it's the developer who knows whether those animations or fades are actually possible in code building a beautiful app and then finding out that most of the design is not implementable makes you go back to the drawing board not only wasting a lot of time but also a lot of money I'd like to introduce you to another term called user interface or UI I bet you I've heard it often so UI is a series of screens pages and visual elements that generally consist of buttons or icons which a user clicks or touches and basically interacts with it don't get confused with the other term which I'm going to introduce you to right now and that is called u X u X is user experience user experience is an experience that a user has as they interact with every aspect or every touch point of a company's services across devices for example if you take Google Google sign-in has been standardized across all platforms paid a desktop a tablet or even mobile it is an end result of a lot of cognitive sciences which are applied to it for example did you know that the game candy crush uses a lot of cognitive sciences to make sure that you're addicted to it Google it up and you will be amazed at the findings it is an iterative process as a result of research and analysis you just can't build an amazing UX straight out of the box it's an iterative process you tweak it you make some changes you see what works you see what did not work you document it and you try again it's an iterative process with a lot of trial and error and this course does not focus on user experience. 

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