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What is marketing: 3 different definitions 

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April 24, 2020

Video Transcription: In this video, I want to go over a few ways to look at marketing and just give you different perspectives to what it is this video is brought to you by Appy Pie’s Academy.  the first one is something we can all relate to in that south-south Halle promote promote promote whenever we are starting out with something there's like there's a lot of stress on us to make money and sell and so we're in that mode and that's kind of like a short-sighted things most small business owners have is they just need to make money and they're relentlessly focusing on sales but that's really a short-sighted way it's not a good way the better way is think about your marketing as everything that has to do with your customers ever anything that touches your customer for example the quality of the product service does customer support the trust of your brand the professionalism in the manner in which you approach your customers so everything that touches the customer is part of the marketing because guess what those customers will either come back or not and they'll either tell their friends or not and they'll either leave good reviews or not so it's really everything that you do and you've got to work up all the time to raise your customer experience in everything not just the sell sell sell part of your business so that's how small business owners experience marketing now there's another way to look at marketing and that's the historical perspective because what is a market well a market begins to exist when someone with a need comes in contact with somebody with a solution hmm a need and a solution when they meet that's a market there begins to be a trade of goods and services and the price is obviously determined by the need how much the person is gonna is willing to pay for the solution versus how hard is it is it to provide the solution and all that and that's actually really great that is fantastic because that is predicated on helping somebody with their needs.

Some trouble begins to arise when you satisfy everybody with their legitimate need and you still need to make more money and more sales so what happens is you start needing to convince me whoa that they need things when they don't so you have to manufacture this feeling in people that they need things this is something that large companies do that have a lot of pressure to grow relentlessly so you have phenomenon like the Marlboro Man because you know smoking everybody knows it's bad now but everybody also knows that like the Marlboro Man he was the cool person right they didn't show that he was gonna get lung cancer from smoking they just showed that he was really cool and they created this fake image that looked real and people kind of actually aspire to be like that person right so it's all totally fake marketing that's a clear example of it but there's a tremendous gray area of this where like do you really need that car do you really need to go on 20 travel destinations if you look at every big industry typically it originates in something good in moderation and what companies in that industry have done is they spend trillions in marketing overtime to create a feeling in us the consumers that we really needed much more than we do so people get this lust for things cool cars that really you know we just need to get from point A to point B and we can take a bicycle and you know if you look at any industry it has that phenomenon and I as consumers of course we have to moderate ourselves and be objective but as marketers we have to understand what's really going on underneath and how it affects our business so that's the theory of marketing looking at it theoretically and from the perspective of a small business owner.

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