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Body language techniques that can help you while selling to clients in person

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April 24, 2020

Video Transcription: What body language techniques do you use this video is brought to you by Appy Pie’s Academy. when you were talking when you're trying to make a sale when you're talking to prospective client and do you use any like just your body language to what do you do yes sure I do I try to when I'm talking to people especially in person I tried to mimic their body language you know so if they're sitting there with their arms crossed I'll cross my arms I'll lean forward would that be like a negative body language because you kind of closed that crossing arms but that would be a negative by I would never initiate that I would never do it but yes that would be a negative violative because that means that the person is closed but it's if a sellers doing it I would do it you know I would do whatever the reason yeah well here's the thing there's a great book out there called instant rapport and everybody should all of your listeners should go out there and buy this this small little paperback book but I love this because psychological studies have shown that people big surprised that people who people like people who are like themselves you know so one of the things I'll do a couple techniques you know when I'm working with the seller number one is the body language trying you know if they see people mimicking their body language subconsciously they're saying oh this person's pretty cool because essentially that person's doing the same thing that I'm doing another thing too is the way people talk I'm really conscious about this especially on the phone when I'm talking to people I'm from Detroit originally born and raised.

I have a little bit of an accent people tell me oh cool I have a little bit of an accent people tell me and also I talked really fast and so when I'm talking to people from Atlanta Georgia and they're talking real slow with a 20 I'll mimic them I will do that I will do my best to try to talk slower talk lower I'll try to even do you know the the up and down cadence that a lot of times southerners do because it's a very simple concept and that's people like people who are like themselves and the more that you can sound like them the more that you can act like them the more comfortable they're gonna feel and the more of a rapport that you can build with them so yeah I think that's very important and you know that brings me to a question because that you know earlier you were saying you want to project confidence and you want to lead the whole conversation right and if the person has passed in body language do you decide do you go for that I'm confident or do you sort of go quieter it definitely go quieter definitely go quieter because it perfect example would be to you know do it and use a different example Alex would be talking really fast when somebody who's from Texas and they're talking really super slow I can't even talk slow it's almost difficult for me to talk slow but if someone's talking really super slow and you're going 100 miles a minute you're talking so fast that person's gonna think that all you're some slick sales person that is just trying to get my house listed for sale and just trying to make money off me you know whereas you know you know there are a lot of people that that are talked really fast who are talking to somebody who talks really slow they might think that person is me a lot of people think that people who are slow talkers aren't intelligent you know which is obviously a stupid thing to think but it's it's just all the perception you know it's the perception that we all have of everybody else and it's all about just trying to act like everybody else.

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