how to sell products in your local area

Facebook Marketplace: how to sell products to people in your local area

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April 24, 2020

Video Transcription: Facebook just released something really cool on a way for us to promote our products and to sell more things and to promote our businesses this video is brought to you b yAppy Pie’s Academy. it's a new and I think it's gonna be good and it's already kind of pretty good I'll show you in a second and what it is is it's introducing its Facebook marketplace what it is is you can buy and sell goods locally if you have a business more likely you care about the sales part let me show you how to get to it on your Facebook homepage scroll to the bar scroll a little bit lower and you see on the left side it's gonna say explore you will say see more and all the way down here it says buy and sell groups now buy and sell groups say they've already existed on Facebook but they've been global what Facebook did is this is like Craigslist or you know if you're selling Craigslist this is better now because it's more seamless that's easier to sell things and what happens is if you already sell things on Etsy on eBay if you have Amazon FBA if you have some kind of even a digital product really if you have any of that sort of things to sell or if your business is sort of like can kind of you know squeeze in here then you can sell to your local community and look at the numbers of people this just got started right this I'm filming this I try to bring you as soon as I could but I'm filming this on you see it's Sunday October 9 for me and this thing launched October 3rd and I really just found that about it like October 5th or 6th so I really tried to jump on it for you and but as you can see there's like thousands and thousands of people in different groups I mean this one has like almost 20,000 people in it right so that says to us that there's a lot of people who can buy our products and what you can do is you can either join groups or you can create your own group where you are selling things and I literally try to sell something like a product and I got just to test it so some product I wanted to sell like like something I used like not for business but something I used and I and I was able to get interest from for people within under 24 hours and I'm probably gonna sell it to somebody tomorrow we interacted and he agreed to buy it so anyway so if you haven't seen this this is new at least for now I don't know when you'll see it but at least for now it's new to check it out and see who you can take advantage of it.

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