How to promote your business with flyers

How to promote your business with flyers. Flyer marketing good practices

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April 24, 2020

Video Transcription: In this video let's talk about wire marketing this video is brought to you by Appy Pie’s Academy.  and especially  when it's useful it's usually for local  businesses especially local businesses  that serve a neighborhood or a local  area not like a 10-mile radius or it's  sometimes helpful for events those are  those are the two situations and usually  it's good if the service is something  that everyone can use or there is a very  nourished specific audience in that in  which case we'll know who to give the  fires to and the other case is if you  have a local business or event and you  have some kind of a great thing  happening like a great promotion maybe  for a business then of course that makes  for a great headline and gives people  extra incentives to act on your flyer  and what you have to do is make sure to  match the audience with the technique  for giving out the flyer because  misgiven Flyers like fires given the  people who don't actually care about  what the flyer is about that costs you  money not only do you have to print the  fires but you also have to have somebody  that you pay and hand out the Flyers or  you personally hand out the Flyers you  don't want to let that go to waste so  you want to make sure that the technique  you use is accurate and I'm gonna go  over the kinks in a second and you want  what you want to do with the Flyers is  measure effectiveness sometimes having a  coupon code on the fire like a discount  code will ensure that when people use  that code you'll know oh that came from  the flyer like a unique coupon code and  some people even have a unique phone  number or even a unique unique URL to  visit but sometimes you just want to  have the homepage of your website on the  fire so maybe the unique URL is not for  everybody but certainly you can have a  discount coupon code or even get a phone  number that if you know that phone  number is called it can only have come  from the fire because that's the father  because the fires are the only place  that lists that phone number so let's  talk about the five ways to hand out the  fires and which ones to use when of  course you can put them on windshields  of cars especially if  two situations if you have a business  that does any kind of car repair and you  see that some cars maybe need bodywork  or paintwork or anything else could have  put it on those cars or it's common  after events for people who park near  the event if you have a similar event  that's coming up you want to put your  event promotion Flyers on the cars that  are parked near current events of course  every local neighborhood has coffee  shops bulletin boards where you can post  your flyers about your business so one  day what you would do is just take out  like a day or half a day and walk around  your neighborhood and see which  businesses have fires that they have  either on their own bulletin boards or  they post somewhere in some other way  and then you would ask them do you mind  if I post my flyer there too so that so  that people pick it up and you want to  leave them a handful of fliers and every  once in a while check back that they  still have your Flyers left the next  thing is a window dispenser if you don't  know what that is I'm going to show you  this is a flier dispenser on Amazon and  you see how it would work basically you  can leave it outside anywhere you want  outside your way outside your business  during closing hours that people can  just actually pick it up it's open to  for people to take if they're interested  they can take the Flyers so wherever you  can leave that outside your home outside  your business.

If you have a physical  location you just leave that flyer  holder and they kind of just stick on  the window or something like that the  other strategy is of course a very  common one that I think all of us have  experience is where people put fires in  our mailboxes or under our doors or  something like that and you can do that  if you have some ubiquitous service  because you don't know who is living  there right unless you are targeting  somebody for like home repair or  something like that that everybody needs  or long-hair services but if you have a  more general business than maybe like a  restaurant that's a good opportunity for  fliers but make sure that your fire can  be used by a wide range of people  because if not then you're gonna have a  lot of misses and then it's gonna of  course result in higher cost to acquire  clients and of course the most common  way to hand out fires is literally on  the street and then also has a high miss  rate unless you give out something like  restaurant fires during lunchtime or  something like that but in other cases  it's not that easy to make it profitable  because you're gonna have a lot of  misses some people will take your flyers  but they won't act on it so let's talk  about how to write and design your  flyers to get people to act on the flyer  the first thing about your flyer is the  headline the headline should contains  very clear big text with your businesses  and what the current promotion is and  that promotion you have to make it  compelling and exciting if the promotion  is not compelling like 5% discount  boring that's almost nothing but if it's  a big discount or something free or some  something cool then people will more  readily act on that flyer people would  save that flyer that it wouldn't throw  it away so the headline is one of the  most important things then of course  under the headline in smaller attacks do  you want to add like three bullet points  about with additional benefits about  your business about your credibility  what you do it all has to be succinct  tight not too much text you don't want  to make a text heavy fire because then  people just won't read and so it has to  be clear to on point writing also of  course you want to have your address and  phone number or the best way to contact  you very clearly visible and in the  background very important you want to  use an inspirational great image by  great I mean it has to be clear high  definition high resolution and really  inspirational so that it can help people  imagine how great their experience will  be after they get your service or  product and you can get it all designed  on or Fiverr calm  Vistaprint has pre created designs for  you that you can sort of add it a little  bit and is where freelancers  can help you create custom designs but  you might not need that because  vistaprint can get you enough and also  vistaprint will give you your first  order for free I dont know if they  still will have that when you watch this  video but they do now so you can even  get your batch of first flyers for free  so that's flyer marketing and now you  know if it will work for your business  and how to do.

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