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Print your website and logo on t-shirts and hats. Wear them and sell them

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April 24, 2020

Video Transcription: One way to average your business is to print t-shirts and hats, of course, you should wear them all the time this video is brought to you by Appy Pie’s Academy.  like seven days a week but you can also sell them you know find a way to sell them to your customers or give them away very very cheaply so that really just paying for you know maybe you can make a little money from them but if you want you can just break even on them but the real thing that you wanted to accomplish here is every time you sell a t-shirt you're creating a walking advertisement Bob's mechanics you know make a big like this t-shirt right I love my t-shirt because problemo is my website I printed it and it's like it's like silly but like I want to wear it everywhere right and if you're a business owner you're gonna want to wear your shirt everywhere too and and you should create a lot of people who buy your t-shirt and have and maybe swag you know maybe keychains I don't know something something that's visible with big letters big letters black or white very clear and you know walk around town you can get promotion just that way but also you want to create a little army of people who are walking around town write stuff like that I love the strategy it's not like the most effective right it's who really reads t-shirts and goes and follows that but it's a little bit effective and it's fun if you're the business owner it's really fun to have your t-shirts I mean probably you agree.

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