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What are press clubs? And how to join press clubs

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April 24, 2020

Video Transcription: let's talk about what our press clubs and sometimes they're called press associations for publicity and relationships this video is brought to you by Appy Pie’s Academy.  these are specifically in person places that you can go in your city or your nearest metropolitan hub and you can come and network with journalists editors photo journalists people who work in newspapers or media or other magazine or magazines so these are people who you really want to network with and establish relationships so that they can mention your business what you want to do there is come in and talk to them build relationships which is going to build trust and you can find these by literally searching Google all you do is search for something like exactly put that into your search bar if you're in New York for example or whatever city you're in or whatever major metropolitan area you're in you would search for Press Club in your city or a Press Association in your city sometimes it's free sometimes it's paid but if it's paid it's not expensive and you would go and you would network with really valuable people in your industry really valuable people because one of these people can put you in front of thousands or tens of thousands of potential customers just by featuring your business and guess what they can if they write a story once and it goes well it can go many times now there's a specific industry term a source that's called let's say for example if you're an expert that's quoted in some news story then you're called the source that's a technical term and you can say you say hey I'm a source in whatever area in which you're expert let's say you're expert in pets or cooking or some kind of technology well if they're ever writing an article about this topic then you can go and say hey I can be a source on that topic and you'd save them a lot of headaches because otherwise they would have had to go out and search for sources and because they'd be time pressure they probably have bad sources that they'd find but because they know about you they'd be like oh you know even if they're writing an article in two weeks or a month or half a year from now they'll be like oh I know that guy or girl they can be a source for a topic I'm writing and they'll either sometimes refer you to other journalists or they'll use your source themselves and as long as you keep up with them on social media and keep their relationship going maybe throw attending multiple such events then you will get a lot of publicity from building the relationships inside the press clubs.

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