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Using VistaPrint to create your promotional hats and t-shirts

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April 24, 2020

Video Transcription: In this video, I want to quickly walk you through Vistaprint it's a place where you can not only print business cards and flyers and other marketing materials but this video is brought to you by Appy Pie’s Academy.  clothing and bags where you can see how many different things you can print and you can create your own designs for example if you want to do polo shirts hats whatever you can create a blank one but they also have a ton of custom designs you can choose from and create things like this you see basically a whole entire business promotion right on your shirt or you can have something cuter kind of like right here on the right side depending on what your business is if it's self-explanatory like a bakery like this one then of course you just say bakery but if it's a little confusing like mine would be if I just had the URL problem you know calm well maybe it needs a one or two or three words of explanation so whatever makes sense for your business you can create a shirt for it for your business like that and what you do is you kind of pick a shirt and you see it's the price of 54 but that's because it's for six we can choose you know just want to try I would recommend you do one to try and if you like how it looks you can print more because sometimes they don't look exactly how you wanted them or the make isn't good like once you get it it's not exactly but once you start designing you can put all kinds of things in there and dragging-and-dropping just switching colors putting your logo put in your website text everything so it's basically completely up to you and you can do this with a hat t-shirts and essentially almost in your entire very casual wardrobe can be this.

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