biggest key to marketing success

The single biggest key to marketing success

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April 24, 2020

Video Transcription: The one secret ingredient in your marketing efforts and this video is brought to you by Appy Pie’s Academy. I guess you know you can say there's many ingredients in your marketing effort so how do you get clients right but you know I recently had been helping one person on my apps and she's launched her product and she she's not getting enough sales enough customers that she would like and so I said you know what are you doing for your marketing and she said well you know I'm trying this a little bit I'm trying a little bit of that I'm trying a little bit of this and I realized hey you know that's not the techniques are not the problem the particular techniques another problem is the problem is that you have to bring a thousand percent of effort into the these techniques right so the secret ingredient is really a monster effort so if you're trying to market something you have to put a monster effort into it and be persistent and just don't quit until you won that's always how you should be marketing okay and so let me give you two some examples of what I do so my mobile apps right I mean now they have 250,000 downloads across the different apps and platforms so got a lot of clients there at first it wasn't like that right first I had to test test test test test and figure out what are the ways to get downloads then I realized oh the app stores drive to more downloads then I realized then I had to test test test what in the app stores what what are the downloads what are the ranking factors in the app stores so like if your app grades highly in the App Store it's gonna get downloads right very simple but it's not simple to rank highly because you're so competitive against other apps and there are many good apps so I had to figure out every element that is a ranking factor by testing testing testing and once I realized what are the ranking factors I had to figure out how to make features that would make my those ranking factors of my apps stronger than on competitive apps and that's how I ended up like ranking well for pretty much every app that I have but that took months and it took incredible effort it took incredible persistence and incredible attention to detail and I was always monitoring always checking always looking for the most minut change so that I would I would learn oh that's something I did there cause the change right so the effort that I put into it was a gigantic effort I mean it's the same across the board when I did SEO which is search engine optimization at first it didn't work so I had to make like hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of different pages and every topic that's a lot of writing I had to write all of it right a lot of writing and then you don't just write any page you know you don't just make a page and it rings in Moodle every page you have to make sure that it ranks in Google you have to put an effort into every single page and not all of them always end up ranking right in Google so it's a tremendous effort tremendous effort and almost the effort of your marketing is bigger it needs more resources than the effort to create that thing.

Which you are marketing and I think that escapes a lot of people the kind of persistence and the kind of resourcefulness and the kind of hard hard really hard work and people don't quite yeah that this is what it takes but it's not an environment where you know I did enough you can never say I did enough or I did a lot right you can always say you know what I didn't have to make it work or I didn't write no matter what amount of work it takes sometimes it takes and really you have to move a mountain okay but that's your secret ingredient you have to be a little bit obsessed and crazy sometimes because too much work but if you wanna be successful keep in mind I mean you're competing with everybody online there's like millions of people so you really have to stand out on your effort I mean your effort is have to be tremendous and I know that for every marketing sort of move I make every decision I realize like I'm gonna have to make a tremendous effort and if I can I almost shouldn't try because I just won't be competitive right and this is the one secret ingredient that I really want you guys to thank and I want you guys to really feel and get to understand how hard you will have to work for whatever you're doing to succeed okay hopefully be easier for you than that but sometimes it is really that hard and I want you guys to be ready but to really do it really go after it you know so persistence and hard work okay that's really the key to marketing.

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