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Full channel or just one or few videos

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December 17, 2019

This course is brought to you by Appy Pie as part of our Academy series in this video let's talk about whether you should have one or two or a few videos or a full-blown YouTube channel which has regular videos on it maybe weekly maybe daily maybe monthly on an ongoing basis basically the difference of should you spend a lot of time and effort making a whole channel around some certain topic or we'll just a few videos suffice here's how to tell if your app really has only a couple of keywords that you want to target keep in mind, YouTube is a search engine and what most videos are viewed from people searching and you want people just to discover your videos when they are searching for terms that are relevant for your niche and then for your app so that in your video you can tell them about whatever it is and then get them to hey download the app and if they're interested in whatever they're searching in a search that they're searching is relevant for your app and for the video it's a good match to get them to convert to being downloaders of your app so if so if you are trying to if there are only a few keywords that really drive the most traffic for your niche there's only a couple of main keywords then you won't only make a few videos that really target the specific keywords and in the next video I'll show you exactly how to do that now we're just a little bit of background theory and so but if you have let's say there's a lot of keywords like I'm in the business planning niche so there's like business ideas business planning how to start a business and then there's like the longtail keywords like the type of starter lawn care business how to start a restaurant how to start a coffee shop home repair how to promote a business on how to raise money so there's a lot of keywords I could potentially rank for and so that warranted an entire YouTube channel where I made videos on a regular basis and all those videos I kind of follow people hey watch the video you like the video get my an app that process and so the more videos you have the better that you know you get more views more people forget funnel to your app the only problem is that you have to spend a lot of time and effort making the videos promoting the videos learning how to make the videos better and better so that they're more effective at getting people to download so there is just the consideration there is that there's a lot of extra time and effort that you're gonna have to put into this long term if you want to build out a big channel targeting many many keywords and maybe even establishing yourself as a thought leader in your niche so it's all great things and it's all stuff up maybe you'll be like yeah I want to do that the only consideration is like is it feasible because it's a long term project that's gonna take some time every week every month and you have to be consistent in it and the question for you is can you do it is it feasible if yes that's a good option if No maybe stick with one or two videos that just target the main keywords and that would mean maybe we'll take you a long way for a lot less effort.

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