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YouTube SEO crash course

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December 17, 2019

This course is brought you by Appy pie, as part of our academy series. In this video, I am gonna give you a crash course to do SEO for your videos, of course, this is not a youtube marketing course precise so I say I am not gonna dive into so I'll give detail what you need to rank your video as  you can see I search for the word business plan. this is the comparative term search, my video ranks right here of course on the bottom but on the first page. so I am gonna click this link and I gonna walk you through what I did and what you should replicate so this is an ad version I am not gonna focus on that and I am gonna click this show more, and as you can see I have the keywords in the title and long description and in the description you right everything about your product or whatever your video is then you put keywords in here. just the keywords you are targetting your business plan. all those types of keywords that you want to rank for and this just helps you to rank and once you have your this is what called on-page SEO so title description keywords you are done now after that you need to do whats call off-page SEO and that is there are a couple of factors you need to make sure you hit on and you get there. first of all your video should be on the right side like and the the average duration of the video should be kind of better than your competitor. so if the video is naturally better. it's gonna out, it's gonna out perform your competitor videos on engagement and that's gonna give you a boost in your rankings.

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