What is Influencer Marketing and How Can You Use It to Grow Your Business

My take on influencer marketing

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December 16, 2019

This course is brought to you by Appy Pie as part of our academy series let's talk about when to use influencer marketing and for those not aware of what it is it's something that's really getting popular now it's essentially paying people on YouTube Instagram other people with big accounts paying them to feature your app that's it pretty simple it's just another way of paying for traffic so you can always compare it to running ads if it's not as cost-effective for you well then just go back to running ads if you were doing that now let's go over some pros and cons let's say, somebody posts about you on their Facebook on their Instagram is it's a one-time spike you'll get a spike in traffic on the next day almost entirely all of it that traffic will disappear and your traffic levels will get back to the same level as they were so it's not particularly sustainable that's a problem but it such spikes can boost your ASL and if you boost your ASO that traffic is sustainable but it's not a hundred percent correlation it may or may not boost your a so depending on how much traffic you get and you want to be careful because there's a lot of fake influencers out there it's very easy for someone to build up a social account with a lot of fake followers and then say hey well look at I have a hundred thousand followers but like most of them are fake followers or BOTS or whatever be very careful do your research on the influencers take a look at how much engagements their previous posts have gotten and but you know what even that can be faked to do extra research before dumping your money and maybe potentially wasting it so there is a risk there really is a risk because you don't know how much traffic you're going to get until after you pay until after the post so that's that's a problem with the strategy as well one random spike might not help that much if you're planning to do this sort of a strategy maybe try a few influencers on the same day it's going to mess up your analytics because it's going to really hard to track of which influencer promoted how many downloads that part is gonna be hard to understand but from let's say maybe five influencers in a row you'll get a much bigger you know five to five times the spike you would all get from just one influencer a much bigger spike and that spike can have a higher chance of influencing your app store statistics and maybe getting noticed by the app store algorithm to rank your app higher to promote it more and maybe even get on the radar or reviewers who decide whether your app should be featured if they see some apps really spiking that might be a reason for them to take a second look now let's talk about when to do this it's so if you're trying to boost your ASO by all means go for it but if you're just trying to get downloads because the organic strategies aren't working and you're not getting the downloads you want to be careful because you are spending money with this if your app isn't monetizing well you just want to lose money so the ideal way to do this the ideal time to do this is either when you're actively trying to boost your ASO or when you know how much money you make per user so that you can know how much money you can spend to get a certain number of users to actually make this a profitable strategy now one small caveat if you post if you hire influencers on Instagram or Facebook there's no longevity in their post but if you get featured in a podcast episode in a YouTube video those have longevity for example some YouTube videos get views five years from the day they're made most videos don't have that happen to them but it's possible every once in a while so you can take a look and talk to the influencer and take a look at their account and see if they do SEO on YouTube so that if they do other stuff to promote you on YouTube so that their video isn't just a one-time spike it's going to be on their channel and people are going to be browsing and so it's gonna have this like long term life which will give you extra promotion from that same info so this is how I see influencer marketing and these are my recommendations for it all in all I think it's a little overhyped today but there are some instances where it can work as we can see.

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