How to Use HARO for Digital Marketing

HARO to get publicity

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December 17, 2019

This course is brought to you by Appy Pie as part of our academy series in this video I want to show you how to get publicity from large online publications using help a reporter calm and I'll have the link to it and the in the industry sources of this video here's how you do this remember a site like radio guestlist that I just talked about they send you emails with radio shows and podcasts hosts that are looking for guests this is it's gonna work in a similar way except this is journalists who are going to send queries and this site aggregates all the queries and sends it to you three times a day and you can answer as many as you want it's usually there's usually way more queries from this site then there are for the radio shows a podcast and there's a lot more competition against you for which picture is gonna get chosen so it's harder here but from this site, I've gotten mentions on Mashable CBS News it's crazy I got like big publicity from this site and it works just about the same as radio guest list so I'll post the link in the description in the resources of this video and all you do is just sign up for it gets the emails to keep answering them and after you become good at answering them you have to have really good insightful answers because of the competition on this side precisely because you can get like noticed in Mashable or anything like these huge websites it's like really competitive because there's a lot of people like you answering the queries so your answers must be amazing and that's the key to success on this site is that your answers have to be insightful so only choose the ones that you feel qualified for and then the amazing thing is with radio guest list with this site you see there over the links to your app URL, they're all gonna link to your website and then guess what remember earlier in the course when I talked about how to do SEO for your app URL and your website so that they can rank highly in search this is exactly how you do you get mentions and then your URLs ranking and you're gonna do that trilogy of Google search for your app like a pro.

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