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The "whale" monetization pattern

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December 16, 2019

This course is brought to you by Appy Pie as part of our Academy series so there is a special monetization pattern and it's called the whale monetization pattern what is that a whale is somebody who spends a huge amount of money with your app okay and in the freemium model here's what happens a lot of people jump on your app because it's free a few of those people pay anything and very few of those people spend an extraordinary amount so for your app to take advantage of the whales you have to first of all enable large spending right if you think about it does your app enable our spending for example actually mine doesn't right I have a little bit of a cap of what people can buy and that's it and here's how you enable large spending you have to have something that's a consumable product that people can buy consume and need again right so not all apps actually have usability that fits this potential right so not every app has this potential games have done it in an amazing way right like you need points you might buy some points it helps you be the level you consume those points next level you can just points again next level you this points again you buy buy buy and there's no end like a lot of these online games there's no hand in levels right they just keep going so you can like pay for thousands of levels and by the time you know it a really addicted person has spent thousands of dollars and that's what happens a lot in mobile apps games if your app is different like maybe it's a utility app or health app or whatever think of what people can consume regularly and buy again and have that as one of your products probably one that of like 10,000 people or even even fewer than that will be a whale and it's up to you or app to make a whale right it's up to your app to a dick the person enough but that person that whale will spend more money than everybody else right so it's it's really important to actually enable that to happen because like I said not all apps even have this so think about what in your app is something that's consumable that can be bought again and again and again for example in my apps what could happen is like I give business coaching advice right I have business advice so sometimes if a person has a question maybe I can ask them okay you can buy help per question but I didn't want to do that you know I wanted them if they paid for help they should get as much help as they wanted right so I wanted them to have a better experience but potentially I could have had a situation where I was charging them per question they would ask so as they were working on their business they would have a lot of questions and over time they'd spend a lot of money but I didn't do it that way but that's an example of how I could've so think about for your app what how you can enable and get you know whales to spend a lot of money.

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