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December 17, 2019

This course is brought to you by Appy Pie as part of our Academy series now let's do another case study of an app that's from that's built by the student and this is a very interesting example I really like this because this is a task mania app it's essentially a task management tool maybe something the way I imagine it something like a to-do list a little bit more involved but it basically helps you manage projects or something like that and there are two major issues I want to talk about in regards to this app number one if you go to them through this course you will know that you gotta have the keywords in your title there are no keywords here right even the word the task is no space right so I would say something like it's a to-do I would have the word task management productivity the main keywords in the space our productivity task management to do project management project you know organization maybe efficiency whatever like all the keywords related to this kind of productivity right how to get more done all that stuff and none of the keywords in here and so basically the first thing is you can identify the keywords and then you've gotta intelligently put your put them into the title which you can do is task maniac colon and then a description of your app and description including a lot of your keywords not a lot but at least some that's one so this is like a cardinal mistake right this is a mistake that everybody who kind of starts out I guess in a so they make this but eventually, this is here to fix luck luckily this is easy to fix now the hard part of this app is that there are so many tasks apps right so many to do apps how do you beat them and standout that is like the million-dollar question literally for the Disney for this app and my take on it is that you've got to make yours you've got to look at the competitors make yours better more creative easier to use and more of a long-term use app more a part more something that will fit comfortably in people's lives than the competitors because then you will start to have better engage better engagement means that not only people who engage more will you know not to engage with the competitors but they'll also be more likely to spend money on your app if you have a you know inter purchases and they'll be more likely to that engagement will help you rank in the app stores right they're gonna be also more likely to give nice reviews all those good kind kinds of things so I think you have to win here with number one with quality in number and more engagement and number two you have to get a lot of reviews as many as possible to pump yourself up in the App Store's but if your app isn't as good in quality as the competitors it's gonna be even with the reviews are gonna be nearly impossible to rank really well so first, you've gotta solve it gotta be better than the top current to do task apps and after that it's all about getting reviews and getting all your friends to review it everyone you need to review it may be some review sites maybe some you know extra promotion outside maybe what's boosted with some ads and stuff like that so that would be the strategy that I would have for this app.

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