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December 17, 2019

This course is brought to you by Appy Pie as part of our Academy series in this video I'm gonna walk you through three of the leading social media marketing automation tools and give you some of the pros and cons walk you through they're paid and free accounts so that you can get a sense of what you should use this is the and by the way, I'm not affiliated of any of them I'm not promoting any of them this is just me sharing them so that you understand what's best for you now the first one that I do use this one I am a customer of social oomph which is weird spelling and weird pronunciation but let's just forgive them for that and this is their account and basically what they do is they allow you to schedule tweets that are for free and you can have up to five Twitter accounts but they don't allow you to do posting on other social networks for free okay if you want to post on social networks you have to get the other social networks like LinkedIn like Facebook groups and stuff like that if you want Adam and Pinterest if you want automated posting you have to pay and the paid account I have the version that's just over $40 a month and that allows me to post on LinkedIn Facebook page Facebook group multiple Twitter accounts Pinterest and I'm also allowed to send people a direct message on Twitter when they follow me and by yourself, you can't automate that so that's what this does and that's what I use and I'm happy with them the drawbacks they're a little bit awkward and clunky to use but it works really well and they have two good tech support that I sometimes use the next one is buffer app buffer is nice because the individual individuals which I'm assuming that's what you are is even the paid plan is $10 a month which is cheap compared to what I pay for social loop and you get one social account per platform so if you have multiple Twitter accounts you're better off using the free tool free a version of the social room but if you just want to post on as you I show you here Twitter Facebook Linkedin Google Plus and Pinterest then you're able to do that no problem here one account per platform but you can only schedule a few posts per per per profile so really this is they max you out of the hundred but honestly for my account here I scheduled over 200 tweets that cycle all the way and when the tool goes through the entire list of 200 tweets it just starts over and that way I keep and I keep on adding whenever I have new content anything I want to promote I just keep adding to that list so even though it seems like this is just $10 and it's cheap this is the catch right here you can oh they only allow you to automate 100 updates which is not cool and to get 2,000 updates it's a 99 dollar plan so in a way it's not cheaper you see so based on your needs you can decide what you need but this is essentially the difference and then, of course, there is HootSuite HootSuite is an older tool that is going to run for a while it's also very very known and you also see they give you a breakdown of what they allow you have just one user which is you can have ten social accounts they give you a little bit of analytics out of schedule, I think what you want to do is try this 30-day trial and see if it gives you an unlimited tweet and all that and if it does this is a good option and you can see even though they say it's $99 a month it's not because look that's billed annually that that's what it would average out to if you paid for the whole year but if you just want to pay monthly and try it out it's $29.99 and for $45 or about $40 a month, I get an extra feature from the buffer which is also, that automate I don't aromatic DM and in the automatic DM what I do is I tell people to come to my site I'm like hey here's a link to my site here's what I'm doing and because then they're able to come to my site and then click on it I cookie them and then I can run out to them so it's actually a very our whole so out of all of these, I would probably recommend this one because it gives you more tools and I find it more powerful but it's also because I know it's better for you try to explore them each of them give you a 14-day or a 30-day free trial UK nothing so try to explore it see which one you like and then sign up for one it's very cheap and it can give you a significant benefit it can keep you up in the hashtags if he can get you new traffic it can really engage you with existing customers who are already following you, it can save you time by automating everything and then once you find all people from your social account to your website then you can either get them to sign up for your products buy your products and if your email lists or in the least case at least run the retargeting ads so this really gives you a lot of stuff you can do and really fits really well into the overall marketing picture.

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