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SensorTower keyword spy tool

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December 14, 2019

This course is brought to you by Appy Pie as part ofour Academy series this for the course is the option of because century Tower is itplayed to am going to be showing you some page features of power you do notneed to absolute lip bite you can only by if you want to erase in industrystandard mobile app keyword research through an alarm of people him in the course that's why I am wearing tutorial about power bi you can keep it ineverything with you hears you be able to find a keyword in other ways but this isa to uninstall you are few features in a that can help you start with youget this keyword Pi which allows you to spy on the keyboard use of other appscomparative to you are using sensor tower and their app Intelligence and I willbe there for you seek in C under app intelligence to click on App StoreOptimization a.m. with the option is keyword Pai he is with as I entered mylife examples for the iPhone my app and is Rose me ok this is a Keyword themost using and then I enter to see my opposite Businessman there was abusinessman app it shows is these are the keywords there using these are thekeywords the white both of us are using to receive it look the word when theyare using the word of iron and its ok we both are given that keywords with theword business with the word startups for all Revolution I don't know why my catis not showing startup thought that you would be an interesting thing is thereshowing all these keywords that the other app is a target in that I am notunderstood this business model Canvas which is APK able to business planning sonothing that so I can actually go and considering I didn't back to the keywordsI track now budgeting is for good business planning my up particular particulardoesn't give that the shape at think it skip the enterprise this Canvasbusiness model Canvas is no that is there talking about the business modelCanvas there is using in separate words of the using business model Canvas theyare using the word entrepreneur which is a really good keyword for businessplanning and then they have a lot of keywords that seem random him impressedsmiling baby business modeling is good and they have is variationsentrepreneur and Entrepreneurship have a Keyword like an entrepreneur andentrepreneurship is automatically in that that cause timing AC basically youcan enter award comparative apt-get their keyword do in case you missed anylike my app example isn't turning on the keyboard there I am using the word andMS in the world business model Canvas for that I can go in and I can try toforget that would my app and that's the beauty of this particular the keywordsby that you can do this please try another business plan this business plancreator let's try to see with their doing so there really targeting entityvestige business plan in premiere have keyboard tutorial executive which are okbut it seems like there have a particular nucleus has just tried another businessapp just together complete census was going to start business entrepreneurshipthis entrepreneur magazine received a cover any keyword I know there is a verybig magazine in industries around their particular great but they do have ourreach in the App's popular and I know the group because there there professionalthey professional email service look at their business planning the same typeof permanent so investing is a big thing right n in my case of the businessplan our people who started business they want investors they want we see theywant fundraising so that goes with keyword he was like magazine subscriptionseed produced and they have a couple of you can use but then them that are goodsome in your case with I recommend Google maps in your space and see if any ofthey're not used for example I just the last one-third of Virtuous anything likestartup news of Canvas A1 I didn't want the magazine once again Canvas businessmodel not too much see you soon you get a sense of I will exhaust but atthe same time will you get this idea for a business idea is a goodkeyword so then we found another one to the way you can go through the apps andby the way, I am in you can if you have don't have this to the way to simulatethis experience is to go in the app store and read every app's title and description and just take out words should think a particular keyword the Arabianrecruitment strategy this course is brought you by Appy pie as part of ourAcademy in this video I want to introduce you to the keyword Optimisationthrough in sensor tower, this was going to help you optimize your keyword fuelfor the iPhone that hundred theatre keyboard but also Is Gonna Give Youinformation if your name is still Gonna Give You information about the keywordsyou navigate to hear app intelligence App Store Optimisation keywordOptimizati and then I audible to you basically put them separated by spacegive you some tips like you know you can read them there IS Phone track yourcharacter count increase to do in the US for iOS keyboard filled with the help youmaintain the characters in accounting for you give me the whole truth is the information they give you here so I entered somewhere different types of the keywords education system is business help for design fitness fun puzzle RPGbasically I am trying to get a chance for the difference to listen in this course Iam student might have helped abs fitness apps games in entertainment sounderstand you have a different sense for industries here so take a look sothey give us this level of traffic in approximation so I don't exactly how much the traffic you get what is just an approximation oven is easier than the otherthen they give you also and approximation for how hard is to drink secured bikefor sale in the sixes, he was like the workout is 6.5 is the highest mountain game is6.6 compare the ones and difficulty seeing the wedding and events and games are difficult words in the runner gamesthan 6.9 reviews was like fun and parcel will come approximations you can alsosee the scroll the number of apps is there to be competing well so it.

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