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Sensor Tower's keyword research tool

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December 14, 2019

This course is brought to you by  Appy Pie aspart of our Academy series in this video I want tointroduce you to the keyword research tool from sensor tower and again this issuper optional because it's a paid tool you can get a lot of this informationor at least approximate this information with free strategies that I show youso in this case keyword research what we're going to do is look at for exampleI entered the word startup I can enter the word business or whatever so for theword startup you see they're showing you the top apps for startups and then fewpoints of information that are interesting I'll make this a little bigger lastupdate you can see the apps that are not getting updated 16 months 14 monthsthat just kind of means that it's a little bit dead and probably they're gonnabe easy to jump over so those are sort of like it can tell you all like thisprobably easy to rank higher than them eventually because they're justneglected after that what you want to look at is the ratings so you have theall-time ratings and then the ratings for the current release see like thefirst guys right the Kickstarter, of course, there are huge billion-dollarcompanies so they've got a lot of ratings they're accumulating quickly whichtells us it's gonna be extremely hard to jump over the same thing with theseguys 34 ratings in the last one but some of the other ones they don't get a lotof ratings so they're gonna be easy to jump over or in the last 16 months theseguys got 10 ratings so they're kind of like an almost a dead almost like a deadapp not much activity so you can tell a lot about the competitors but then youcan see all like Business Insider and meetup our ranking here and they're bigbig companies so you can basically get an approximation for how competitive that the environment will be let's say I do like Fitness and it's going to give me informationabout these apps so you got this first one said this from Apple actually don'tknow this activity tool but last updated five months ago and they seem to havevery little going on I don't know why they're showing it at the top apps soit's just tool I don't know why I don't really enough familiar but the otherapps really look good right workout for women five-star rated recently updated an incredible number of reviews super hard to be same thing three-day Fitness a a lot of reviews recently updated all that so you see Same very very strong appsso you can see oh my god this is gonna be a hard keyword now they do givekeyword suggestions so related queries like so maybe you want to start lookingfor more niche keywords they give you related keywords and they give youtrending like what's popular now although the candy crush that's not reallyrelated to fitness so the related queries is really where it's helpful to youcan click more and they give you keyword ideas then you go maybe you click onthis and they give you more specific apps for that for ab workouts and thenthey give you more specific keywords and you can navigate and navigatingnavigate and collect longtail keywords that might be easier to rank for but asyou can see even the longtail keyword like ab workout it's not easy to rank forbecause see all of these apps they are a super competitive incredible number ofreviews an incredible now and a lot of recent reviews and they all get updateda lot except you know for these two but even so these two they look like theydon't need updating because they're doing really well it's a five-star appthey're fantastic apps so really competitive as you can see so this isa way you can get more keywords but also gauge how competitive is it gonna be reallyand if you don't want to pay for sensor tower again the other option for you isbasically just search these keywords in the app stores and then click througheach app that comes up and sees like are they tremendous gigantic apps that havehuge huge numbers of ratings and you don't need to know details about a gorillayou just know okay that's a gorilla that's an elephant-like these areequivalent to gorillas they're gonna be super hard to compete it doesn't matterif a gorilla has 20 million downloads or 21 million downloads because you knowit's too competitive so you don't need an incredible level of precision to tellwhether it's gonna be really hard to rank for or perhaps realistic to rank forso you can approximate it literally by looking in the app stores andresearching your competitors that way too.

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