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Rewarded ads monetization strategy

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December 16, 2019

This course is brought to you by Appy Pie as part of our Academy series let me explain to you the best way to put ads into your app now you might know already that I'm not a big fan of abs but there are some ways that you can put the ads into your app that makes sense and this is rewarded video ads what that means is let me give you an example let's say you have a game or any other thing and people need more points what are their options sometimes their options are like you can buy more points right but most people don't take that option and because of that most people struggle in the game and quit or struggle in your app but if it even if it's not a game and then they quit what you can do to supplement the in-app purchase is to say hey if you don't want to make the in-app purchase you can still get the points if we just watch the video here's a video ad for 30 seconds why or 15 seconds watch it and get more points and/or get free things in the app right and there's in every app there are some things it's digital so there's something you can keep on giving away for free that you might have otherwise decided to charge for right and even if a person is watching an ad and it's like a few cents but they keep watching and watching and using your app and using your app then over time this person is gonna have more engagement be more likely to give you a good review and they're gonna generate revenue for you so the rewarded video ads are the best way that you can make money with ads in your app if it's a game it's easy to figure out how to figure how to configure this into your app but just give more points if it's not a game it's harder to put it in to make it a part of your app because you don't have points but maybe you can think of what you can give away for free in my example of my apps I'm starting to work on giving away free content okay and by the way, I'm working on making a list of 50 things you can do to improve your business right in every 5 things or every 5 where every 10 or everyone I can hey he was this is a premium article but if you want more tips to watch an ad and that a lot of people will do that person these are people who wouldn't pay for the thing right they wouldn't pay for it but they can generate revenue for you just by simply watching an ad so this is a really fun fine I'm a good strategy.

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