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Reskinning apps: How to make money and get downloads

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December 17, 2019

This course is brought to you by Appy Pie as part of our Academy series let's talk about risk eating apps it's kind of like one of the newer strategies with game apps it's really cool it's challenging and in this video, I'm going to explain to you how to make money how to make good money and it's actually hard it isn't easy to get into this kind of risking business but what's hard about is to make money and I'll actually explain to you how good money not just any kind of money so what is risk inning is basically having the same game applet's say you have a puzzle game well it's basically the process of you're gonna be taking the same game but just applying a different design to so one theme can be like it's gonna be maybe about baseball but you can easily make it a basketball game or football game it doesn't have to be about sports it can be about flowers whatever and basically you can put out the same game with like a hundred variations or more than a hundred and it's gonna get a lot of perhaps in each of those laps will make a little bit of cash right because as you know app games are extremely game apps are extremely hard to promote on you know mobile app stores because there's just a lot of games at the top to your game apps is like you know they're advertised on TV they're impossible to compete with and they clog up the search rankings right that's really the challenge with game apps is that it's so clogged up in the app stores because the top hundred games are like million dollar companies for the most part sometimes even billion-dollar I and these are too hard to get people so what do we do let's talk about beginning app strategies that work first of all so usually what happens is developers they get you to know there first apps they were skinned them they make them and the distribution is just not there right so the market is not there that you know as a few downloads here and there but it's just not enough so what happens is they end up making like pennies or dollars per app and while if you make thousands of apps you'll ultimately make thousands of dollars hopefully or at least hundreds of dollars this is kind of a backward strategy right to imagine if you have to do an update any kind of an update you have to do a thousand times it's in a few months so it's not great to have thousands or hundreds of apps usually what might happen is you have some winners and some does and risking apps what does everything well it helps you with your ASO because let's say you make a basketball or football flowers happen something once you put all those out there you'll get to see what people are searching for and which apps are getting downloaded and for which terms you are ranking so actually risking apps is a way to test the ASO to see which keywords bring in the most users and then, of course, you can put ads on your house you can make maybe even have like you know purchasing things like that but basically having this large volume about it actually gives you it's a feeling our past to tell us to help you determine which keywords are a basketball is which keywords are the ones that are gonna bring you a is so traffic and once you get in so traffic from a bunch of these from some you won't get much but from some, you'll get a significant amount and that's what you have to press the gas on that so it's kind of like an extra good keyword research technique right cuz you you want you to put the apps out there you'll start getting a sense of where the gaps are in the app stores and where you can fill those gaps and get the downloads for your apps so that's actually one the really great strategy now here's the other breathing our strategy if someone is already on your app which you essentially have is a catalog of products right because you have catalog products gives you new marketing strategies because when one person that has when you have one customer right now one person download your app immediately what you can do is sell them the whole catalog because if they get one as long as you position the other ones in a way that is easy for them to navigate to and browse many of them especially if it's a free product because a free product many of them may be up to 25 or 50 percent some work like maybe let's say 25 percent is a healthy range 20% let's go on the safe side but many people will go on and get your other free products especially if your product is good right and so you won't just get one download one person can turn into like 20 or 50 downloads right because they'll try your app in different ways and what that's gonna do is it's gonna give you from one now log just make you just made twenty or fifty dollars and this will boost your ASO when you have so many apps cross-promoting so many other apps it will boost the download numbers for these apps and get them to jump over the competitors see that that acceleration of downloads will help your apps jump over the competitors and once that happens you should start doing better in here so getting more traffic and have your whole catalog sort of lift itself up and that's the way to win with rescanning apps those are the two strategies.

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